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'SPIT' roasted FB


Maker of skins for foam board RC planes
Final prep on my Spit before maiden in a little over 30 hours!
Did a little sprucing up after installing some foam board wheels. Added some additional graphics. Can't have the gear up AND down now can we!
And of course before on the right, after on the left.
Landing gear.jpg
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I know nothing!
If I was to do another Spit it would definitely have fixed wings, the rubber band thing caused more problems then benefits.
Granted, I've only flown the Spit once. But getting my planes from my bedroom on the second floor, down the stairs and then into the back of my car for a 40 minute ride to the flying field? Plus I never have only one bird. Two at the least. I've actually had six in the back of my little Honda!

I now have a permanent home for a foldout table behind the front seats in my car. I hit the field, set up the table and commence final preparation for flight. The rubber bands are a pain in the butt. I'm still building every plane with removable wings, where it's an option. :)


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Wing spats complete, not perfect but pretty nice looking. Cockpit mirror painted and 'mirror' fitted. Things to do before painting:-
Make and fit 'guns'
Make and fit little bumps for wing behind 'guns'
Make and fit ariel
Complete cockpit and stick to top hatch
Fit the exhausts
... then paint, decals, light weathering.
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