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Star Wars Plane Challenge...

Hi all, this would be a challenge where you have to build a plane from star wars. Any star wars movie or show (clone wars, rebels etc.) works. You must be able to show where in the movie/show it appears. I would love to see some exotic less known builds from the star wars series. I would be the judge as i won't be building in this challenge. You would be judged on things like:

-EDF vs prop
(EDF would warrent more points as they are harder and more realistic to most star wars planes.)

(VTOL, FPV, Retracts, Flaps, Lights, etc.)

-How well it flies/builds

-How scale/nice the plane looks

-And how much fun the builder and flier is having in this process.

Thanks good luck!!


Well-known member
Well, I'd LOVE to take up the W-wing challenge... (I think Jeremy and I are kindred spirits with always wanting to see one fly...)

But I have WAY too many commitments right now... The X-Wing video did lead me back to the goblin though as a possible solution to the trouble I've had with the Swordfish 2... Some updates for that coming next week.


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I didn't see this until now...

Anyone who knows me knows i'm always up for a good challenge. sadly right now I am in @kilroy07 's Boat.
I count 13... no 14 planes to complete before I do something foolish like start another build.:sneaky:

Plus 3 more I can build because I have two 50mm setups that just came in... RRRrr not enought spare waking moments....

Wait...Sleep That's the problem! if I just cut out sleep, I can build the planes I want to! That's like an extra 4-5 hr every day!o_O

I have watched this thread as I would love to see what some others post. Maybe you @IcedStorm777 could scour here and see if there are some inspirational builds.