Tabletop Pylon Racing


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For those of you interested in the world of tabletop gaming and pylon racing there is a game for you: Golden Age Air Racing.
Designed for small scale miniatures of the Gee Bee era it's a rather enjoyable game of zipping around pylons.
You need a hex-mat and markers to play, and a set of gaming dice (One each of 4 sided, 6 sided, 8 sided 10 sided and 12 sided) not much else. Rules and player boards can be found on the Air-pirates yahoo group.

I decided to make up some game pieces (planes and pylons) out of LEGO and found a hex grid generator at incompetech. You can have as many players and any shape circuit you want. It's a fun way to spend and evening with friends. A 3-lap race takes about an hour with four planes once you get it figured out.

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I will totally have to look that up! My kids will totally dig building their own lego planes.

Wow, also I wish I would have had that grid generator back when I was gaming Battle Tech and Warhammer 40k.