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CARD GAME: Foam Board Planes


Building Fool-Flying Noob
I've been working on redoing the card sizes and look and working on the rules.
here's a layout, hopefully this helps everyone try it out.
Play Table Setup.PNG


Building Fool-Flying Noob
I've been rolling around a 6d variant. the modification is the

roll successes are 1 less, (4+ on maidens, 3+Fly) a 1 is big Crash and 2 is a Crash. a roll of 6 is always a success

any thoughts?


Building Fool-Flying Noob
I tried out the FliteFest (FF) Rules today... It needs a little clarity and a way to make a 2 player version more fun...

It has Four phases
Community Build: Build a Giant Plane, and get help from the community!
World Record Fly: Every send all your planes up in the air, and good luck keeping them there. Last one there win bonus points.
FF Combat!: Bring out the Giant Build and Tie a streamer on the plane of your choice and try to cut other player's streamers, and be the last one untouched wins bonus points.
MVCP: Person with the most community points left wins extra fun points.



Building Fool-Flying Noob
Community Points how do they work:
I'm adding an optional rule to the basic game: When a plane is completed the player gains markers for the community points of the plane. Exchange 2 Community markers for a +1 on the next roll. if gifted to another pilot earn +1 fun pt.



Building Fool-Flying Noob
He's an example of the revised card back
Aircraft Deck - Back2.png Pilots - Back.png
Also resized 2.5"x3.5" plane cards, with Typing, a solid difficulty window and descriptive text to match. Updated power pack to have picture that match the part specifically.
ExamplePPB.png ExampleStorch.png
Lastly The pilots set as cards and a solid name window so it is easier to read. I also added at least 3 Planes at each Power level.
Example Pilot.png


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Wake up! Time to fly!
How bout adding forum posting to earn fun points. That is a huge part of FT as well isn't it?

1-2 you have no clue so can not help on forum, 2-5 you had some in put and get 1 fun point, 6 you solved the problem and get 2 or more fun points. Forum posting can take the place of any phase. If someone does not have what is needed to attempt a build or repair they can try forum posting. If the have nothing to maiden same thing, also for a flight.

As for the point counters make a simple cookie cutter 3d printed thing and use it to cut out chips from scrap foam pieces as needed. That way there could be a near unlimited supply.

BTW great work on all this. I just caught up with this thread since the last post I did and you have come far with some seriously cool cards designs.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
@ AircPirateNinsei - Nicely Done. This looks like a Fun Quick trick-pulling game. Like Spades et. al. but Flite Test! (Great presentation). I'll print it out and give it a whirl.

@ Psyborg - Great Idea, I have added it to the rules.

I've updated and reformatted the rule booklet to print as a 3.5"x 2.5" 8-page accordion folded booklet. I'll need to test them. If it goes well, I'll be able to post a BETA set.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Flite Test Beta RELEASED

Beta Release of Flite Test Card Game is ready.

The card are linked here, with the tracker, and skill clips:

Basic Rules and FliteFest Beta rules:

Try it out for yourself. Print the card faces on paper, cutting them out, putting them in front of a poker sizes card and slip them into a ultra pro sleeves. I needed 50 red, 100 blue, 50 green and 50 orange or black. My local hobby store sells them for about $3-4/50. Often times, if you ask they may have a number of customer donated cards that they'll be happy to pass along.

Or print single sided and Super 77 spray mount them to 8.5x11 card stock pieces and cut them out.

if you don't have an eight sided die, use this.

So Play, enjoy and let me know your thoughts.
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Building Fool-Flying Noob
BETA Rules



Have as much fun preparing for Flite Fest by building, fly and repairing aircraft while contributing to the community.

52 Aircraft Deck Cards
84 Parts Deck Cards
1 8-sided die
4 Power Pack sets –
PowerPacks A,B, C & F
8 Pilots
1 Skill Marker Punch Card
1 Time Tracker
4 Player Pawns


Card explained.PNG
Power Pack Example.JPG timeline.jpg

SKILL CLIPS: skills_clip.JPG
Build clip Piloting Clip
D8: d8.jpg

Each month consists of these phases; PART ORDER, INSPIRE, BUILD, COMMUNITY, FLIGHT. All players do their actions at the same time. Any player may replace a BUILD PHASE or FLIGHT PHASE with a FORUM CONTRIBUTION.

FTCG Vβ.1.1 rules and cards are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 licensing. With the exception of FliteTest and gremlin logos and all FliteTest Aircraft images which are the property of FliteTest.
CC BY-ND-SA logo.jpg

Shuffle both decks and place the PARTS DECK and the AIRCRAFT DECK at opposite ends of the center play area. Layout face up AIRCRAFT CARDs equal to two more than the number of players. This is your inspiration pile. Discarded PARTS CARDs are placed face up in the swap meet next to the Parts deck. Every player receives a hand of 5 PARTS CARDs. This is a pilot’s maximum hand size.
Decide on how many months (turns) until Flight Fest. 6 short game, 9 average, 12 long.
The game ends when the TIME TRACKER reaches GO!
In a BUILD or FLIGHT phase where a pilot is unable to participate, they may contribute to the forums and increase their points. FORUM RESULT = ROLL + BUILD/MAIDEN SKILL or PILOTING SKILL.
Result Forum Reward
1-2 Post is no assistance
3-6 Helpful post, +1 fun, +1 Community point
7-8 Great help for all, +2 fun, +2 Community point
Players may select one swap meet card as part of hand replenishment from the part deck, selected in descending community point order. Roll-off for ties.
Pick a face up aircraft deck Card from the inspiration area. A player is limited to three (3) aircraft. An existing aircraft may be place at the bottom of the AIRCRAFT DECK at the beginning of this phase. At the end of this phase replenish empty INSPIRATION AREA spaces.
Place Part cards under craft or se the cards to build a plane you picked or build power packs to use with the builds. Parts are put fanned out under the aircraft card to note its build status. When a craft is complete, the parts are placed in a clean stack underneath. Power packs are built separately and stacked neatly sideways when complete. Batteries are placed next to the power packs. A craft is READY when all components required are available. READY aircraft may take part in the FLIGHT PHASE. (See play table setup)
Play Table Setup.PNG
Each player may offer cards to help other players complete their builds. Each card used this way rewards the giving player 1 fun point. PART Trades between players offer no reward. At the end of this phase each player may place one card in the swap meet.
Only ready aircraft may fly in this phase. Power packs may be swapped between planes to fly more than one plane of the same power pack type
MAIDEN The first flight of a READY aircraft. FLIGHT RESULT = ROLL + BUILD/MAIDEN SKILL + aircraft MAIDEN MODIFIER -1 Nerves Modifier. Skill rewards are to the pilot’s BUILD/MAIDEN SKILL a success or great success result earns the reward below and the community point value of the aircraft.
FLY To fly a READY aircraft. FLIGHT RESULT = ROLL + PILOTING SKILL + aircraft FLY MODIFIER. Skill rewards are to PILOTING SKILL.
1 Spectacular crash, lose 3 parts, +2 community pt, +1 Fun to all other Pilots
2 Crash, +1 skill, Lose 1 part.
3-4 No Success: +1 skill
5-7 Success, Aircraft Fun Pt. & +1 Skill,
8 Great success, Aircraft fun +2 & +1 skill
Part loss is random.
Batteries lost during a crash will catch fire (on an odd re-roll), if so lose all parts and aircraft.
A player may exchange 2 Community Points to add +1 to any roll.
The month is over after the FLIGHT PHASE, the TIME TRACKER is reduced by 1 as Flite Fest approaches
Play continues for the agreed upon months (turns) until FliteFest(FF). The player with the most fun readying for FliteFest has won.
PILOT preferences: Each pilot has a hobby preference and earns +1 fun during preferred actions.
All Play occurs by Community point order.
Play continues to FliteFest
Special thanks to:Flite Test, the FT Community and testers who helped make this Game a Reality; AiRCPirates, PsyBorg, Joseph Webb, Rachel Moore, Amanda Kumpf, Quinn Allen, Thomas Covington, Randy Miller

Home Brew Rules:

Welcome to the FliteTest Yearly Fly Event – FliteFest!
Have as much fun joining in the events at FliteFest (FF) and use collected community contribution points and helping complete the Community Build, Mass Fly and Combat events with a MVCP award at the end.

Pilots discard unfinished planes. All PARTS CARDS are returned to the PARTS DECK..
The AIRCRAFT DECK is shuffled and an AIRCRAFT CARD is drawn. This is the COMMUNITY GIANT SCALE BUILD AIRCRAFT. A die is rolled. Half the roll, rounded up +1, is the size multiplier for the Community build.

This is a massive community build. Any pilot may volunteer now becoming a VOLUNTEER PILOT. Each volunteer pilot (VP) will be limited during other events until the build is complete.
The Community Giant-Scale Build craft must be built during the three Events, followed by maiden flight during the combat Event.
Before each event, VPs gain parts equal to a build roll, (maiden skill +roll). A roll of 1 means a sponsor donates 4 needed parts. Non-VP pilots gain their Build skill in parts each round, for spares or help with the CGSBE.
On successful build completion, VPs earn is the size multiplier times the Fun value of the plane selected. This is awarded to all VPs, All earn Community Points of the plane. Non-VPs may donate parts for fun points as usual.
Example: The Baby Bugatti is selected, and a 4 is rolled that means it is a 300% baby Bugatti needing 3 sheets of foam and 6 servos and three A sized power packs, with batteries and is worth 6 fun points to all VP if completed.
VP may use 1 less plane in other events until the build is complete. They may use their planes for parts to build the Giant-scale craft.

Objective: Get everyone's Aircraft in the air.
Method: Each player submits at least two AIRCRAFT. Four cards representing Non-Player Craft (NPC) are turned over from the AIRCRAFT DECK
Play: Place marker on each functioning craft at the beginning of each turn. Players roll a FLY CHECK to keep their aircraft aloft. Roll a FLY CHECK (skill modifier 0) for all NPC.
1 Big Crash – Turn Aircraft facedown, +2 community Pts. +1 Fun for all other pilots
2 Mid-air Collision – Roll the die, count out the number through the remaining aircraft clockwise. Both craft are turned facedown
3 Aircraft Lost (Turn Aircraft Facedown)
4-5 Lose Track (Re-roll; Odd: Big Crash, Even: Keep flying)
6-7 Success, +1 Fun
8 Great Flying +1 to next Skill roll. +1 fun
This repeats until only one aircraft remains, ending the event. At the end of the event, each Pilot earn fun points for each marker, and picks 1 AIRCRAFT flown and earns the Craft cards fun and community point values. The winner earns twice the AIRCAFT earnings.
Player may exchange 2 Community Points for +1 on the next roll.

Each player selects one Aircraft to put streamers on, and enters aerial combat against all the players and four Ghost Pilots (0 skill mod).
Each round a marker is place on all craft in the event. All the Players make an inverse FLY CHECK (Roll + Pilot FLY skill modifier minus(-) the Craft's Fly modifier) at the same time. This represents how more difficult/maneuverable planes are better suited to combat.
1 Collision: and results in another random aircraft being taken down. Roll, count clockwise through remaining aircraft, both planes are placed face down and removed from the event.
2-6 Still Flying
7-8 Cut a Streamer: The pilot with the lowest result turns their craft facedown, removed from the event.
This continues until only one pilot remains or 8 turns. Each marker earns the pilot 1 fun point. The LAST PILOT(s) airborne earn 2 Community pts. In the event the last two pilots each roll a 7 or 8, they eliminate each other but both earn the LAST PILOT Fun points, ending the event. All pilots lasting 8 rounds earn LAST PILOT points, landing safely and ending the event.

The pilot that earned the most community points at the end of Flight Fest Wins 10 fun points and the runner up earns 3. This represents the respect and dedication these hobbyists add to the community helping to provide material to expand the hobby and for the rest of the community to be inspired by.

Each player selects a pilot, is dealt 3 cards from the AIRCRAFT DECK. Each pilot ROLLS for their BUILD/MAIDEN SKILL, FLY SKILL and COMMUNITY POINTs. Now you’re ready to begin FliteFest.

Basic Rules and FliteFest Beta rules:



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DIY Card Game: FliteTest AirCombat

I'm currently testing a new card game for 2 players. It is the beginner version of "FliteTest Air Combat"!


A version for advanced players with other cards (like action or upgrade cards) and larger match fields (4x4 or 5x5) are planned. ;)
DIY Card Game: FliteTest AirCombat

It looks like this. :)

My Son had a few Lego Ninjago and Lego NexoKnights trading cards! I bought some more Lego Ninjago trading cards so we could play the card game. It is fun - in the simple version and also in the version for advanced players.

Here you can see the cards and game rules:

The contents are the same!

I thought this could be easily transferred to a FliteTest card game. For the beginner version you only need character cards, that will be the FT & FT Community builds. For the advanced version you also need action-cards and vehicle-cards - im still thinking about transferring them with the possibilities of FliteTest.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
OK, I see. The card design is really nice. Your Play Mat gives me the feeling of battling out between layers of clouds. I like it!
DIY Card Game: FliteTest Air Combat (BETA Version) - Update

I updated the BETA version of FliteTest Air Combat and corrected the values of the following three cards:

  • sky card: -20 in | ... WINGSPAN ...

Perhaps i schould create two versions - one with "in & oz" and one with "mm & g"!?! :confused:

I printed my cards on standard paper and put them in ULTRA PRO CARD SLEEVES. And i bought a ULTRA PRO DECK BOX to store them. :D
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