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Tested.com Flitefest Ohio article by Terry Dunn


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I liked the article but have to question one thing he said lacked. No petting zoo? Didn't he walk around the tents? I remember petting some pretty old and exotic birds at Joshua and Carl's tents along with checking out the hatchery build tents. I think the author needs to return next year and get a better look. I suspect he's already hoping to return.


Wake up! Time to fly!
I dont know bout anyone else but we ATE all the animals I came with. Shrimps, scallops, ded cow, ded pig....

Not our fault if he got to the feed bag too late.;)


Wake up! Time to fly!
Yeah we had a few people drive by on carts and ask if we were chefs hehe. Ask LB if it was edible or not. He caught the brunt of my cooking. I guess it was ok as he helped with clean up and dishes each night / morning.

Back on topic though.

The article was one of the better ones I read. Maybe the A.M.A. guys should take some notes. There was actual details of what it was like and not general make it sound great hype.


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I like the comparison in that FF was not the norm compared to other RC fixed wing events. Especially in terms of if you crash something. It does seem at other RC plane events folks take great pride in their models and usually have a lot of money invested in their models too...so a crash is not really a fun thing if it happens.