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The Coffee Shop - For general discussion

On a seperate note I stuck 2 FRsky receivers on Ebay for £30 ($41), Ive had 3 bids on them so far now up to £34.50 ($47) and still have just over 5 days left :).
Sadly Ive been spending again on Banggood so most of thats already spoken for.
Why don't you wait until they are like vintage and rare or something before selling them lol?
Couldn't have put it better myself. Generalization is IMO the most important tool for big decisions. After all any assertion I make about anything is generalizing. "This forum is awesome and so are the people" I just generalized that everyone on this forum is good. Is that true? Probably not, I'm sure there are probably some bad apples on here but it is generally a true statement.

P.S. I love this forum and the people on it.
Well I gotta Double-Like that one too. Two thumbs up.
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The Chinese people I have had the good fortune to meet, have been lovely human beings so I can't really say anything on that subject. The same applies to most races of people I have met, most are pleasant human beings my daughter in law to be is Polish and a lovely warm hearted, intelligent girl. There are always people in every race that are just horrible human beings, or not worth the effort of being civil to but that can be anywhere on this planet not a specific race.
I won't be arguing that one bit. I fully agree with you. And there are a lot of Chinese in NYC, and I've liked most of the ones I've met. There's people here representing every corner of the globe, and sometimes they seem to all be on the same subway car. Unless they smell like a homeless person sleeping on the subway, or they have a knife in their hand pointed at me, every individual gets every chance with me. AND it's perfectly good and healthy and smart to generalize about a group that I've had any experiences with.
Nothing wrong with it I play it myself occasionally, its just a song everyone plays on a guitar when they start off. Hence the scene on waynes world.
I’ve been playing guitar for two years, and I’m quite good at it, the hardest thing I can play would be the outro solo in Fade to Black, and yet I’ve never learned the opening riff to stairway :LOL::LOL:
Random question: what kind of music does everyone like? My best guess (just from the nature of the forum) is 70s rock. It's also what I listen to. :cool:
70's rock is guaranteed good vibes. My girlfriend and I love it - especially glam rock. She loves the darkness and I was obsessed with KISS when I was 16. Seeing them play at Download Festival in 2015 was dream I never thought would come true. Funny thing was, I forgot they were playing. I was chatting to the stewards saying; "Rise Against are the only band here I really know, I'm just here for them and my first festival experience." Then they went "What about KISS?" "KISS ARE PLAYING?! :O "

But of course, if you're my generation; 70s rock is the Gateway to Heavy Metal, which takes you to heavier metal (Like Slayer which I'd say are heavier than Iron Maiden, but they're not what I'd call Death metal). Then there's all the sub-genres of metal and punk... I love Punk Rock, a little bit of Pop Punk, Emo - which has its origins in Punk but has more recently become an amalgamation of Post Rock and Math Rock (the Midwest Revival). And all the other electric-guitar-centric songs that are hard to pin a genre too...

There's been an 80's Synthwave revival movement which is what inspired me to give a plane this paint job and film it flying to:



I also like rap - mainly 90's Hip Hop and 2010's trap.

And then there's the really weird stuff that many wouldn't even consider music:

Yeah, I like too much music. lol
naaa, but there are plenty of fine girls but none wanna give me chance lol
I know, it's tough. "Turn your head around" is easy to say, not easy to do. I want to tell you to put your mind in the future and think about how awesome it's gonna be when you & your beautiful and impossibly awesome girl are together. It's impossible that this girl wants me. But here she is wrapped around me with all her might, and she feels the same way about me.

Back in the 70s rock era we developed an attitude, because that's how it was. The music was badass. How about that line from "The Boys are Back in Town"?

Ha! "If that chick don't wanna know, forget her."


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My only bad experience has been with WISH recently and although its a Chinese company, I don't blame the individuals but the operation of the company and how they dealt with my complaint.
I buy so much stuff off line in a year I lose count of the number of purchases I make. I even expect errors and mistakes to occur occasionally its human nature. But the way in which a company deals with the error and rectifies the mistake, says a lot about that company. I give WISH a big (n)even though in the end I finally got the item I ordered and a refund.
Banggood on the other hand are excellent in every respect, I had a motor fail and notified them. They offered a refunded or replacement within 7 days, the service was excellent the new motor arrived in 2 weeks.
Ive only just started to use Aliexpress, so can't comment on them yet.