The Flightline 1600mm Corsair Fu4-1D "Bubble-Top"


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Guys this plane is simply amazing!
You want big, yeah it's big.
You want power, yeah it's got power. It's got so much power that Mr. "Mo powah mo betah" nearly lost it on the thrust check.
Freewing has really stepped up their game. Gone are the biggest issues I've seen in their models (not that there tend to be a lot but some do slip through).
Decals are great peel and stick rather than the brittle water slides we saw on the Liberator. Landing gear mains come stock with shock absorbers rather than it being a after market upgrade. The tail wheel even retracts (as it should), though I'm not sure what's going on with the tail hook.
This is one of the most exciting planes we have seen yet and I can not wait to see it in the air!