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IMG_20180128_093628539.jpg IMG_20180128_093521040 (800x569).jpg IMG_20180128_093536756 (640x471).jpg IMG_20180128_093546266 (640x463).jpg IMG_20180128_093551636 (640x467).jpg IMG_20180128_093558674 (640x460).jpg IMG_20180128_093602755 (640x438).jpg IMG_20180128_093606362 (640x480) (2).jpg IMG_20180128_093618633 (640x395).jpg Hi everyone, I live in Great Bend, KS. I am looking to get out of the hobby right now. I have listed everything below and also have a breaking down of replacement cost versus asking price in an excel doc that I would be happy to email you. I am selling everything as a whole and will not be piecing it out. If you are looking to get into the hobby or just want to get a lot of equipment at a great price than this is for you. Not sure if I can upload pics to this yet but I will if I can. I'm asking 2675 but will entertain reasonable offers.

The complete replacement cost for all of this equipment is 4353.00. Some of this equipment is on back order and you couldn't buy it new right now even if you wanted to. 1678.00 Off is a great way to get all you would ever need. Description, 3 Cell 450mA Battery, 3 Cell 2200mA Battery, 3 Cell 1800mA Battery, 4 Cell 4200mA Battery, Fat Shark w/case and battery, Battery Balancer, Three axis gimbal, Clover antenna, Tactic TTX 650, 5.8 DBI Patch Antenna, Nex Wave 2 Channel Receiver 5.8, Prop Ballancer, ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8GHz Receiver, ImmersionRC EZO SD 5.8GHz, Circuit Board Cameras, Assorted Props, Four New FLZA6283 Servos, HiTEC 805BB Servo, Himax Outrunner Motor HC3516-1350, Assorted Motors, 30 AMP ESC, MANY cables and connector, DJI F450 Phantom, Eagle Tree System, Sky Surfer 2000 NEW in Box, ReadyMade RC Anaconda NEW, FlyZone Beaver Parts/ Rebuild, FlyZone Switch Rough, Skyfurfer wings Used, Flyzone Switch Wings Used, FlyZone Beaver Floats Used, FlyZone P-38 Lighting Parts/ Rebuild, Tactic Receivers, Battery Charger
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