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Three Dimensional Flying with a Two Dimensional Plane!


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Finally got around to cutting out some pieces. Wing is essentially done , I did add a 6mm cf strip for some extra strength just a little to much flex otherwise. I also hid a 3mm cf strip in the fuse for a little extra insurance.

To help align the horizontal a little easier I shortened the register in the fuse by 15mm and added a 15mm register to the front of the horizontal.
I cut out 2 rudders and hotwired the trailing edge down a bit. Going with hinge paper hinges which are glued inbetween the 2 layers of the fuse and once the horizontal is inplace I will laminate the 2 rudder pieces on. This way the rudder will be centered to the fuse and same width.

Now to let all the glue cure.



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Oh, I tried the Gorilla heavy duty spray adhesive, it was the same price as the 3M Super 77 so I figured I would try it, well don't waste your money on it. I will save it just for gluing my plans onto the foam.


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Saw what you guys were building but didn’t have any spare mini electronics and then stumbled across the tensor in rcgroups. Two wings have to be better than one right? ;)

Probably way too heavy with a big 1100kv motor (C pack equivalent). Hope to maiden soon!

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Ooohhh! Ailerons top AND bottom??!! That ought to be a hoot to fly! I can't wait for video of that one!:D


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It almost appears like I inspired some of you all to venture into the "profile plane" world. :) I did a quick flight attempt at my FT3D/RCGroups "Nasty" profile plane mashup not too long ago. Which I was inspired by @Bayboos .

And I'm seeing you guys picked the Edge. Way cool! I did watch your one video @mayan where you launched it upside down and then it came right back at you! Scary man, be careful! :eek:

My profile plane is floppin around like a dead fish right now...although the wing and elevator are still in tact. I have also stripped the electronics from it to put in my Spitfire build. I may revisit the profile plane again although I will say, the next time it's going to be at least 2-3 sheets of foamboard thick maybe with some reinforcements. 1 sheet of foamboard is too weak for it.


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Ok I thought I was almost ready to maiden and then some gremlins came in and f@#*ed things around. I was doing a little vertical thrust test and then went to try the control surfaces, all was good until I tried the ailerons and all went bizerk, everything going nuts . Looked at the rx and light is flashing widley, not touching anything in a few seconds everything calmed down light went solid and surfaces centered . Tried rudder and elevator a bunch of times and nothing, just barely move the ailerons and all goes nuts again. Then for what ever reason lets do a thrust test again and within 5 seconds the motor slowed down to 25% , now what the heck? Put the battery back on the charger and it still had 12 volts so what gives. Tried programming the ailerons to channel 6 just to see if any different and that's a big nope, same nutso crap went on. So now I tried a different rx, same crap again along with the motor slowing down within a couple seconds and test the voltage and it is good. So concentrating on that I plug the voltage tester into the balance plug and then fired up the motor, cell 3 dropped to 4 volts almost instantly , shut the motor off and within 3 seconds it is back up to the same voltage as the other guys so a bad battery . Had that happen before where a cell would drop off instantly and then within a few seconds it would show good. So one issue solved, thought maybe the Y connector was causing issues so pull all the wiring apart and start testing individual servos. Found that one or two separate and even a tiny bit of a third one you were almost ok and was harder to make it act up but 2 servos on one circuit drawing fuel juice set it off instantly. NEW esc time, the bec can barely run 2 servos on separate channels and the rx at the same time. :) Now my glitch is all my servos laying around are 40A and up and I am down to one 1300 3S battery . Just really ticked off right now.