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Toledo Weak Signals RC club

I was told by A hobby shop owner(Radical RC) and he said that I should check out the weak signals RC club and I found out that there flying field was 8 minutes from my house! I had a plane that I had never fly on before and I had never flown anything before and we went by there field and there were some people there and one of them said that I should stop by at there club meeting and I did and I became a member. I went to there field again and there were people flying there. I had a Trojan (not Parkzone) and I had the president of there club maiden it and he said he almost crashed it. (He was previously flying a giant scale 3d gas plane) he recommended an apprentice and getting a simulator. They had a swap meet the next meeting and I went there because the guy I meet said that he had an old simulator that we could sell to me. It was a Phooenix RC 4 and I was anticipating to pay at least 80 bucks for it. He gave it to us for 25 bucks! There were a lot of planes there for sale and I bought a used Radian with a receiver for 30 bucks! Then someone came up to me and saw that I had just bought a radian and he had a radian pro in his hands. He said here have this one too! I got a radian pro used in perfect shape for free! I saw that the same guy who sold me the radian had this weird flying wing that he made out of a radian pro wing, he was selling it for 2 bucks with a nice motor, ESC, servos, and a dsmx 4 channel receiver so I bought that. I was pretty young and they were really enthusiastic about getting me in the air. About 30 people came up to me and talked about how nice the radian is and tips for success and everything! If you go to an RC swap meet you will be amazed of how low the prices are on some things. If your in the Bedford area and you want to join an RC club go to the weak signals there amazing.