Total noob. Help me!!?

FPV Dreamz

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I'm pretty new at building. I fried my brand new Holybro Kakute FC because I'm using a horrible soldering iron and no flux. My motors are are trash too. I just gave them to a friend. Botgrinder has been giving me advice and helping me with betaflight but I can't keep my quad in the air because something is always breaking and I can't afford to buy parts every week. I'm not exactly sure how this works but I just spent everything I had on a set of goggles. I have a 5" frame I can donate. I need a f4 FC because my ESCs are 32bit. And I need any kind of motor I can get for my 5" inch build. Advice would be much appreciated. I'm totally lost here. Thanks


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Hello FPV Dreamz. How did you get into the hobby and how long have you been in?

I hear your frustration. Time, skills, and money are always the 3 things I have to have to make anything happen (like house projects) and getting them all at the same time can be a challenge at times.

Stick with it.

Welcome to the forum.