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Tragedy at Salish Sea


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Call it dumb thumbs, over confidence or just plain goofy!
After 30 or so successful and enjoyable flights from the water this is what happens when one or all the above happens.

Going great and banking left when it caught a wind gust, went inverted and nosed into the ocean at almost full speed!
Able to actually salvage the motor, battery and the servos. ESC fried though.
Another winter project to the list.
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The deep sea recovery (up to my knees in a tidal pool!) was very successful but there was a good deal of smoke to contend with. LOL.
I have transfered the motor (2826/6 Turnigy) to one of my Bixlers already (I love these motors).
It is all repairable. All $18.00 worth of depron of it. Although I think I will be installing some CF rods in
some of the stratigic areas.
I feel horrible that I toasted my sons favorite plane but hey......if it's worth flying it's worth crashing, right?