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Transmitter failure

So I was out with my friend flying our planes and for some reason about four times after take off while flying low my plane decided to aileron roll the other direction I told it to for a few milliseconds. At the time I just thought it was turbulence as it was quite windy. Anyway, I carried on flying with some new streamers that I have stuck on my plane and it was flying great! Until I was coming in for a low pass when all of a sudden my plane just started rolling uncontrollably, luckily it landed in thick grass and all that was lost was a low battery alarm. I picked up the plane and the battery compartment cover. All was all intact, I decided to do some tests on the ground with the receiver and everything seemed plugged in properly. I had no idea what it was. I then decided it could have been my transmitters battery's, I couldn't tell that they were low before I flew because I was only using the cheap transmitter that came with the plane. I always imagined that if the battery's ran out in the transmitter the plane will just slowly descend as the motor is off and all the control surfaces are flat but it turns out AA battery's don't run out that sudden. So make sure to check your battery's before you fly.
Well usually my control surfaces are flat when I turn my transmitter off, I think this failure was because my transmitter wasn't completely flat.


Master Tinkerer
How much time between the RF link failing, and the surfaces returning to normal? Also, if your plane is upside down when the link fails, it will stop spinning or looping, but will not self right itself.