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Transmitters and Receivers


Cardboard Boy
The Flysky fs-i6 is pretty nice and cheap, it's like 40 for a radio and the receiver.
Also most of their receivers are also cheap and they work just well so I can recommend them, but if you have more bidget I guess you can get pricier stuff like a taranis.


Warbird Crazy!
This is a topic that's been cover many times and could be argued for days! But I've had good luck with my first transmitter the Flysky fs-6i! I picked mine up for around $45 bucks and have bought extra receiver for around $12. I still use it regularly with out any problem. Hobby King has the same transmitter rebranded as a Turnigy model.


Master Tinkerer
I would not recommend getting into the Spektrum ecosystem. You can get a much better system like FrSky, where recievers cost $20 instead of $35+ each. People will say that Spektrum TX's are better for beginners because of the UI, and so the cost is justified, and what that's true, you can make a Taranis or similar do what you want and suit your needs with only a little more effort. In hindsight, the ease of use isn't worth it. If you have any clue at all what you're doing, you should invest in good RF performance rather than a user interface you'll only appreciate for a week or so.


Eternal Student
If you're just starting out and unsure if you're really into the hobby, start cheap with a Flysky and have fun, just know that you will eventually outgrow it and want to upgrade. If you only want to buy once, get a Taranis, you will never outgrow it. There is a fairly steep learning curve, but also a huge online community of people posting tutorials and users willing to answer questions.
How longs the Taranis been around for? I've been seriously considering making the switch to one(from Spektrum)... but I'm affraid when i make the switch shortly there after something new will come around.. It seems to happen to me personally a lot. Any thoughts??