Transmitters for beginners?


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That depends on your desire and skill for modification. The 9X has no installed means for upgrading the firmware whereas the 9XR comes with that installed. The 9X has been deemed by quite a few people to be a better radio and the mods to make it flashable are fairly easy to do.
Bruce goes over some of the differences and the bad and good on both here.


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Thanks for all the help. From all the info. you guys have given me I am planning to buy a 9XR and the. DJT module with X8R receiver.


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I personally don't like the 9x or the 9xr compared to the dx6i. Yes it has more features but it is not built with the quality and technology that the dx6i has. DSMX is super locked in and will go a long range. If I were you, I would go and find a used dx6i on craigslist or ebay and use that. You also have to remember that although there is a limited list of features on the dx6i, the board does do a lot too on a multirotor. Hope this helps make the decision, but whatever you get, it is great that you are getting into the hobby.

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why not try the HITEC Aurora 9 , its a great radio you can also boot it up to give you 14 channels if you ever need them , its touch screen . And all in all a great little radio , I got my Aurora 9 when they first hit the shops and I love it , hope this helps .