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TriCopter 2.5 parts not available, alternatives?


Junior Member
Hi Guys,

I have been keen for a few months now to build Dave's 2.5 tripcopter and loved the fact that there was a comprehensive parts list on the project page (http://flitetest.com/articles/The_Tricopter_V2_5_build). However, I have been blocked by the backorder situation at HobbyKing. Currently the servo for yaw control, the DT750 motors and both of the suggested props have been on backorder for over a month. I know that all of these have a multitude of alternatives available, however this being my first tricopter I am reluctant to start chopping and changing parts willy nilly. especially when postage is so expensive and time consuming (~3-4 weeks for delivery normally). My great fear is changing one or two items and then finding the thing won't fly because I am missing an obscure prop adapter which I need to wait another month to arrive etc. Or even worse, it flies, but very poorly due to some bad motor/esc/batt/prop situation I ended up picking.

If anyone can offer some suitable guidance or an alternative parts list that is currently in stock that would be awesome!

I can't tell you much, as I just got my Tri in the air today (albiet with some stability issues), but for the tail servo I use a Corona 929MG. Seems to work. For motors, I use DT700s (those were available at the time). For the yaw mechanism I had to go to my lhs and pay $10 for two separate front steering gear mounts, whatever they're called; they seem to be about the same size as what David uses, but they're black (and more expensive in comparison). Props are also from my lhs, but they're eflite slow flyer 11x4.7s. Like I said, I just maidened mine today and I can hover it around in the semi-confined space of the garage, so take this for what it's worth. My issues are mostly with the KK2 v1.2 board I think (self level makes it fly worse). Best of luck to you man.