Tricopter Tilt motor settings Issues


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Hi everyone! So I am experiencing problems with my KK2.1 board and/or my tilt mechanism. As the tri lifts, 1 of 2 things happen:
1) The motor is not tilted, so it takes off, and less than a second later, it begins to yaw, then, as if the gyros are attempting to compensate, but are tilting in the wrong direction, it starts to yaw incredibly fast, not allowing me to compensate at all, I must cut throttle. Note that rudder is not reversed, as it spins in the right direction on the ground.

2) The motor is tilted 30 degrees or so in either direction, I increase the power to about 20%, and the tilt mechanism begins to very slowly inch back to normal, taking off leads to similar results as #1, but it spins slowly at first, then the servo throws all the way, and it basically break dances.

Looking at the servo, when the blades are spinning, if you throw the rudder all the way to the side, then let go of the stick, you would expect the blade to snap right back to upright vertical position, but it 'snaps' back such that it is about 15 degrees or so away from being vertical, then it inches extremely slowly back to its vertical position. This is consistent in either left or right direction.

The TriCopter is unflyable at this point, as any altitude above 1/2" results in terrifying yawing at full speed. Therefore, and help is greatly appreciated.
Any questions, I'm Here!
Thank you everyone!


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Go into the mixer editor on the KK2 and swap the yaw channel to the opposite of where it is now. For example, if it is set at 100, change it to -100 or vice versa.