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In this episode the Joshes are joined by David Windestal talking about 5 tips to a happy tricopter. These aircraft are quickly growing in popularity in part for their odd looks, ease of flying, and abilities as a camera/FPV platform. David shows us a list a tips and tricks for his tricopter, while touching briefly on the topic of quadcopters. The show continues top help you see the Tips to a happy tricopter.



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Yeah David's new V2.5 tricopter is more simple to build I replaced my motor mounts from the older versions to his new method of using zip ties to holding the motors in place as a break away point to prevent damage. Also another tip add a little CA on your Zip Tie (where the strap part comes through the lock) bc the vibration from the motors could work it loose and that the last thing you want when you are using zip ties to hold the motors on.


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I´m right in the middle of building Davids tricopter now. I love the thought-through design. Simple, functional and efficient. Cant wait to fly it. Oh, and the documentation is great!


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I am trying to install a NAZA V2 GPS combo in a tri-copter with servo controlling rear prop for "rudder". I do not see specific instructions for that setup. Can someone please boost my understanding o how to set this up?