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Trim Drone, roll issue?


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I asked a few of the dRonin dev's if they had any thoughts. And they pretty much agreed with litterbug that's it's almost certainly a TX or RX issue. Most likely something is causing it to loose signal intermittently and the RX is holding the last command. So could be either the TX or the RX. Reconfiguring the RX failsafe so it drops instead of holds last command is something you should do anyway if you can. On a multi you never want failsafe to hold the last value since that can easily cause a flyaway. SO that's the first thing I'd try to fix.

But...with that fixed you'll probably just start getting failsafes on the FC - or other command dropouts.

So like Litterbug said debug the RF system first. Try hooking up some servos to the RX and see how they respond. Try a different RX. Make sure failsafe on the RX doesn't hold values. If you have the same issue on multiple RX's then it's probably a TX issue.


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I think it was PsyBorg heading down the TX/RX path. But at any rate, can you bring up GCS and take a screenshot and make a video of the input screen while moving the sticks around? It would be interesting to see what the FC is seeing from the TX/RX.

other receiver and transmitter.

I believe the Graupner has the channels layed out differently than the Turnigy.
I still have plugged in the wires the same way, numbered from 1-6 on numerical order on both.
Now the issue is on the right stick and not so much the left.
This i believe is a symptom of the channels/leads not longer corresponding to what the CC3D expects.
I have done the transmitter wizard set up on both prior to use.

Setting up failsafe fails on both!
Id like to belive that its not my fault, but given repetitive fails with different tx/rx im starting to doubt myself.
On the good side of things. This time it did recognize the failsafe mode on the Turnigy :D
As a bonus in the middle of this video I show what happens, and look at the reciever, it understands the signal is lost...

How do I proceed from here? I have tried to make hobby king warrant it. But they claim pilot error, on my part, i blame the drone...


If the solution is, buy a new flightboard. Please link me to good options. Ive tried looking up the tip ive gotten so far but it seems like i find Heaps of different once.
One that fits my frame, if possible, and not getting outdated within the month. I have no idea if the have one standard or if all flightboard manufacturers make up their own size as they see fit.

My preferred options, beeing chepest it to figure out how to make it well again, penicillin, reformat it, or follow Pavlov´s lead?
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I watch that video and see lag between what you do on the radio and what happens on screen. I am wondering a few things. First how close are you when this happens. Are you always inside your house at the computer? Do you use wifi inside your house and have one of the over powered "Extenders" or antennas with high swr that cover a bit wider bandwidth then they should. Or is your cellphone close and connected to wifi or can be used as a wifi Hotspot and is turned on.

Finally on your controller and receivers... are you sure the antennas are connected securely inside the cases and have not been pulled on or broken inside the casings.

I am leaning more to noise in the environment stepping on your signals as this same effect is happening on multiple radio sets now.
Fairly close. But the surrounding conditions are exactly the same as when I connect with the servos. Was a there an issue with the antennas that lag in signal should show there as well.

Stepping outside with little interference the same lag occurs when connected to the drone but not connected to airplanes/servos.

Interresting is that when i switch the trottle (ch3) and roll (ch1) the lag transferes to roll insted of throttle. This indicates to me strongly that the fault is within the cc3d-board.

The lost of signal and that it carries the last command until it regains contact is also proven wrong since the failsafe is recogniced on the last set up with this radio.


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What is your antenna placement in regards to the FPV antenna? I run my receiver antenna straight out the back and the FPV straight over the top for the separation on all my quads but more so on the Gremlin .
As of now the FPV antenna is in a box, and the receiver is a cable-lenght away from the drone until I´ve sported out this.

The FPV antenna is at the back of drone sticking straight up, slightly in front of the rear motor.



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Think it may just be time to upgrade flight controllers. Tech is speeding ahead and the CC3d boards still have their place but there is so much better out there these days at really rational prices. 25 - 30 dollars or less for a newer F3 board would probably solve a whole bunch of headaches.