Turnigy 9XR Pro - Rudder control is a bit wonky?


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Let me know if anyone else has seen this.

I have a brand-new Turnigy 9XR Pro transmitter. I am new to RC so this is my first "Big boy" transmitter.

I have noticed, just playing around with it before I got my module in the mail, that the rudder channel isn't at 0 when the stick is at 0. It's mode 2, throttle and rudder on the same stick. When throttle is at 0, the rudder is at -2 or -3%. When the throttle is full up, it can go all the way up to -8 or -9%. I asked a Hobbyking rep on the live chat and I got a bunch of "that's perfectly normal" and some ineffectual attempts on his part to have me go through my settings.

I have calibrated the sticks, but the anomaly persists. Is this a bum radio? Bad Gimbal? Should I chuck it back at HobbyKing and get a Taranis instead?



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Does anybody have any advice at all? HKs support is lacking and im not sire if I need to push for better help or just ask for a new transmitter outright. Or put in a new gimbal myself. Or fix it somehow. Or junk it and get a Taranis or Spekttum radio.

I am a newb who has read his manual before coming here to beg help. Please?


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I just checked on my Taranis, and my stick stays at -0.6 all the way through the throttle range. If I pull the stick to the side and release it, letting it spring back into place, it returns to exactly the same position every time.

It would be more helpful if somebody else had your exact radio, because comparing the gimbals in a 9xr Pro and a Taranis may not be apples-to-apples, but what you're describing doesn't sound normal at all. At the very least, the stick should return to the same location across its entire range. If it was off by a constant amount, you could fix it by either recalibrating or by using subtrims to center the channel. It really shouldn't change its center depending on where in the travel it is.
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I have a regular 9XR and don't seem to have this issue. Here are a couple pictures showing my throttle at bottom (-102.1) and top (92.0) and having the rudder stay the same through the travel (-5.3).



The numbers are weird due to my sub-trims, but show you that my rudder stays the same no matter where the throttle is.

I'd suggest you try re-calibrating or keep pushing on HobbyKing to replace it for you. Hope this helps!


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I have tried sub-trims and recalibrating to no effect.

I have also asked HobbyKing on several different occasions to help me. One Product Specialist in live chat told me it was nothing to worry about and to consult my manual. After so doing, he became non-responsive in the chat Window. I have also filed two support center tickets, one of which is more than a week old with no official help, and one of which I just filed as a redundant request.

I would even settle for 2 new free gimbals to replace them myself.

DO NOT buy from HobbyKing if you want anything that even sort of looks like "Support."

If they can't do something for me before the end of the weekend, I am going to have to abandon the 9XR Pro and get a Taranis. More expensive, but there's actually support for those.


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I just got a reply for the new request I put in.

I shouldn't have to reddit-stalk a multi-million-dollar international company for customer service. But I will if they can't help me otherwise.