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Turnigy 9xr

I was watching some of your old videos and saw your 9x review. and was wondering if anyone here would like to see a review of the 9xr flite test style?

It could cover things like: compatible receivers with or without the module, compatible batteries, range. fit finish

I have ordered one but would love to hear ya'lls take on it. its kind of an experiment for me and hey it was 50 bucks so im not exactly spending big

any takers?

ps. yes i have seen a few reviews online but id like to hear flite tests point of view.
Did you order from the HK Hong Kong warehouse? How much was the shipping?
yes i did. its the only warehouse that has them. it was 50 bucks so i figure its at a minimum a good test, and if the radio works out then it would be a stupid good steal. i just got the email today and it will take 45 day at the most.

i do have to add that i did not just buy the radio. i bought a couple of chargers, battery, receivers and such so the shipping i think was about 50-60 bucks total. but then again if thats still less than a 6 channel spectrum. if you are willing to wait.

i think all in for this shipment was around 200 total with 2 orange receivers, 2 chargers, the 9xr, and the recommended battery for it (including shipping). Now the waiting game begins.