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Twins Cargo plane


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I would like to make the Twins Cargo plane designed by Foam and Tape from RC Groups. I want to use the swappable motor pods on the wings. I was wondering if anyone has done this yet? I would like to see pics of your wing if you did.


I haven't seen the plane you are referring to, but it should be a simple matter if making the same slots in the cargo wing as the FT Cruiser, as long as the motor size is adequate.


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I have a CargoTwin somewhere but it is really to big for my liking. I can not see any problems using the swappable power pods, but you need to make a Y-cable from the battery in front of the plane to the power pods.

I just remember - V-tail mixer to the ESC:s was a little problem to figure out. Throttle and rudder input to the mixer was in the wrong positions making me programming one of the motors .......
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