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Two FPV questions


Currently very confused about setting up my system with the addition of my new goggles and looking for any insight into this issue.

I'm wondering if there are any negative effects of powering both the monitor and vrx off of the same battery. Loss of range? In my case, I'm using the Quanum V2 Pro goggles and RC832 receiver. Would the only difference in this be just shorter battery life? I wasn't sure because both the goggles and vrx would need a certain # of volts to run (say 7v and 12v) and I don't know if they'd work with "half?" of a 3s. (Does it even work like that??)

That leads me to my next question.

Does the RC832 perform as well as 12v power input even on lower voltage? Meaning, if I were to run it on a 2s I would get same reception strength as 3s? (with additional heat, of course.)

So, I'd like to get the best performance with this combination whilst only using one battery. (preferably a 2s)

Any help is SOO appreciated.
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All depends on each parts voltage range and current consumption. If something is rated to run within a voltage range and not a specific voltage it "Should" perform just as well on any voltage within that range specified. Now if they are rated specifically for 12v then you will not even get it to turn on with a 2s battery. 3s battery will not have the greatest of use time depending on current draw so keep an eye on pack voltage.
I have made a wire harness for my goggles and a separate dvr to run off of the 3s 2200 mah batteries I have and I get three decent sessions in before it needs recharging and could easily go four maybe five in a pinch. I do not leave things powered up between flights though.


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The manuals for the equipment should not only specify the required voltage but also give the current consumption.

It should be possible to work it all off of a single battery but until the actual manual power requirements are know I cannot give a definite yes!

You will also need to know how long you wish the equipment to operate between battery charges so the supply capacity and safety margin can be calculated.

Also you will need a GOOD balance battery charger if trying to run a split supply setup from a single battery pack.

More info better answer!

Have fun!
Coincidentally, I did a run-time test a couple days ago in preparation for starting long range flying. Using a craptastic Turnigy 3S 1800mah pack that's old and almost puffy, I had my Quanum Pro & RC832 VRx powered for 2hrs 20min before I got bored. Pack voltage was 11.3v at end of test, heat was not an issue according to my non-contact thermometer. Just run the setup off a 3S pack and don't worry about it, why take the chance on losing video signal?