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Using CT6 controller with Sea Duck twin engine Plane. Need Help!


Junior Member
Hey guys,

Totally new to RC. 1st plane sea duck build. I am using a FlySky CT6 controller(http://www.hobbypartz.com/exrc62tr.html). I have the flaps figured out. I am having issues with getting both the motors to work together. As soon as I connect power the motors keep beeping, when I follow the instructional sea duck video and throw the throttle to full, nothing happens, when I throw throttle to zero, 1 of the motors does the "calibrated" series of beeps while the other motor keeps on beeping. I have left motor talking to channel 4 and right motor talking to channel 3. I have toiled over this for 3 hours and no progress. Maybe some of you use this controller and can help me out.

PS. using the software I mixed both channels to respond simultaneously to throttle up and down but still having issue with motor calibration as above.

Thank you!


Old and Bold RC PILOT
You can either set up each ESC in turn or fit a "Y" Harness and program them at the same time.

After doing that fix up the transmitter programming or mixing