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Using the FTSTEM Hangar.

Hi All,
I'd like to start a discussion on using the FTSTEM Hangar. I am using the curriculum to teach a STEM class here in Hawaii that is outside of normal public school. Right now we are offering it to high school students either in public, private or homeschool as an after school option. I have been exploring the FTSTEM website to make sure I know how to navigate and use it both as a teacher and a student. I thought this would be a good thread to ask questions about the FTSTEM Hangar. Mitchell, Jake, and Robert at STEM Support have been really good about answering my question. But this way we can help each other as a group.

One of the questions that I asked was:
Q: What does Share Out do? If I create an article is it public or just for my classes?

A: Share Out is meant for teachers to share their thoughts with other teachers - it can be really anything: what was your experience using STEM, how to find funds, a great new project, and so on. These are not accessible by students or public unless you check the 'Exemplar' box - which will publish the article on the Exemplars page which is accessible by everyone.

If you are looking to share something with just your class, you can either create a Lesson or share a document uploaded in the Resources.
'Robert from STEM Support'

If you would like to see what we are doing here in Hawaii with FTSTEM look up our website www.FlashPointSTEM.com or https://www.facebook.com/FlashPointSTEM/