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Variable Pitch motors on Quad for Inverted Flight


Rotor Riot!
Hey Nolo! Welcome!

Inverted Quad flying is surely something interesting and is probably being developed right now. The setup you posted has a couple of bad reviews about it being feeble and weak, but with a proper setup, the VP quad is doable. It's not easy, though. The controller firmware has to be rewritten completely, as it will not work well when inverted. Also the throttle input changes quite a bit.

It is doable, but surely not yet for us beginners. We'll have to leave it to the experts and see what they come up with.


I like big leccy planes
I think elevator and aileron needs to be reversed while upside down, but rudder would be the same as the motors are still spinning in the same direction. Also, I would use heli tail rotors as then just one servo can be used in the centre of the quad.