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Versacopter build / setup problem - motors shake but don't spin


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I bought the Versacopter with the E pack. I assembled according to the instructions on the videos and managed to configure the Naze 32 rev 6 according to the instructions.
The problem I have is that the motors don't spin as they should. When I turn on the throttle the motors just vibrate but they don't spin as they should. I managed to program one of the motors to spin on low throttle but it also started to vibrate after half throttle (and stopped spinning).

What could be the reason for this?



Crashing Ace
This is kind of unusual but check if the shaft on the motors are rubbing against the frame if this isn't the problem let us know what you did to get one motor spinning and a video would also be helpful.
Hope this helps,


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This is one of the things that I am having happen with mine. Burned up one motor. Looks like the ESC's are part of the problem. I am waiting for some response from the FliteTest store. Been trying to call last week but NO ONE will answer.

Getting frustrated......


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Shaking but not spinning sounds like you may have used mounting screws that are too long and are preventing the motor from turning. If so hopefully you haven't chewed up the windings. Depend how you motors mount but usually it's a screw into the bottom of the motor casing and if the screw is too long the armature will hit the screw when it spins.

Always best to test ESCs and motors (always without props!) before you mount them, check the length of the mounting screws if they screw into the motor itself and, once you mount them turn the the motors by hand before you power them on to make sure they can turn freely.