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Versacopter EMAX BLHeli 12A beep


Multi-rotor Joker
So, I am not sure where to start. I would like to use the Cleanflight passthrough to flash my ESC's. These are the EMAX-BLHeli-12A ESC's that my wife purchased with the original Versacopter suggested power pack E - good with the 2204 motors. I have the Naze rev 6 board and the latest version of BLHeliSuite installed on my machine. I sat down last night to do some tinkering and updating. However, I believe that I have put my ESC's in a funky state that I am having a difficult time getting them out of. The ESC's are beeping like this beep--beep--beep and then nothing, that is it. I am not sure exactly when during the process this happened. BLHeliSuite has never recognized these ESC's and I was hoping upgrading to the latest version of BetaFlight or Cleanflight for my NAZE would be the answer but alas, that did not help. I figured I would just go forward with the tinkering and was able to turn on One-Shot in Cleanflight (at least the slider stayed over to the right and green after reboot of the FC). When I try to calibrate the ESC's following Josh's instructions on the V2 video, go to the motors section in Cleanflight with battery unplugged and transmitter off etc., the ESC's do not give me the two beeps that I expect. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as of right now my versacopter is grounded and I just got the V2 upgrade in the mail yesterday but haven't been able to fly it yet.


Multi-rotor Joker
Problem solved: EMAX BLHeli 12A ESC are not compatible with OneShot

Yes @ElectriSean, you are exactly right! Thank you for the response. I am glad that my suspicions were confirmed as I turned OneShot off last night and I was able to successfully calibrate the ESC's and fly the quad around the front yard. I remember OneShot was a huge deal when it came into being and I remember the FliteTest crew talking about it being a must have on multi-rotors. Oh well, it still flies pretty good without it. I am into the tuning phase and am trying to get a little wobble I have out of the quad. I am hoping that calibrating the ESC's is enough. I will post my PID and Rate settings later, perhaps in a separate post, as I have some question regarding tuning. Thanks again for your reply.


Eternal Student
I'm interested to see how you make out. I have these ESC's in my Versa as well, but I've never needed to mess with BLHS with them. Keep us posted :)