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vidSmooth: new, free open source video stabilization software

Hey guys, I wanted to share an open source project of mine vidSmooth that takes any input video and outputs a stabilized version in high quality mp4/h264 format. I'm just now getting into fpv for fixed wings, and wrote this software for this community to make viewing fpv videos a little less nauseating. I do realize that there are already many ways to skin this cat, and that fpv purists might balk at such processing... but I think it's valuable to have a free option that makes a barely viewable fpv video watchable, and a good fpv video quite enjoyable. The app has been packaged for MacOS and Windows.


Here's a sample comparison.

Original video here.
I am not code savy. What is needed to run the program? Downloading the exe file caused CPU to run hard for a while then nothing happened.
Weird. What version of Windows are you running? The exe is an installer app for Windows. Working here on Windows 10.


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Same as above - Windows 10 Home - 8Gb RAM - it launches but as soon as I gave it a file....nothing, no CPU used unless I interact with the menu where up I get 2 -3% CPU usage
Thanks for the bug report gang. Can anyone who's having trouble on Windows 10 home check if they're on a 32 or 64b version?


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