Vinon-sur-Verdon (FR) fly-in logistics


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Quick update on my side, I'll be driving down alone probably, on the 25th. I'll probably sleep at a camping nearby if there is still room (no reservations accepted until July).

I'll be bringing my blaster 3 (dlg), minimag (park flyer), and scratch built tricopter. I'm hoping I can get some help making it fly straight... I have lots of vibrations, and a strange yaw issue.

See you all there!

P.S: if anyone in route from Geneva wants a ride, I am more than happy to help.


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Quick update on my side: I've just booked my flights. I will arrive on the 24th at about 18:00 in Marseille and leave on the 28th.

At the moment I'm not sure what to do when I got there ;). Options are staying a night in Marseille or leaving directly, camping or getting a hotel room, renting a car, ...

Need to figure that out over the next few days.


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I'll be sleeping at my aunt's house nearby who was willing to invite me for 3 nights albeit they're busy moving out.
Would love to invite you guys there who are in need for a home, but I cannot decide in their name.
I'll pass the address by private message should you be in real trouble, goeland86 and Balu.
Balu, get a bus ( ) to Aix-en Provence for 7€80, spend the day over there the 25th and I can pick you up in the evening to get you closer to Vinon. Cant' stand Marseille :black_eyed:
I'll be driving around Friday-Saturday to kill time (mini vacations for me too, Lac de St Croix if weather is fine - Aix - Aubagne - gliding les Alpilles maybe as I said...), where-ever you want to go is fine for me :p
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Hey Guys! At which camping place will you be staying? Kinda trouble to find one and it would be cool if we would be located at the same spot!


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So I just found out that there will be free places in les salles sur verdons! So we will be staying there!


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Guys, thanks for showing up, it was fun meeting you all! Though I didn't meet with ztoon, I think I saw pretty much everyone else here.

Don't want to run the effect, but had dinner with the crew in Geneva Friday night. There's talk about a repeat next year :)


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Don't want to run the effect, but had dinner with the crew in Geneva Friday night. There's talk about a repeat next year :)[/QUOTE]

Great to hear!!

We came from Wales (in our Bentley with electric Liddle Stiks on the back seat) and flew in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France in a trip that totalled 3000 miles. It was worth it to meet up with the Flite Test Family, US and EU branches.

A bit further north next time, please, its too hot for us in the south!!!

Michael and Judy