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VTOL Quad-Plane Project. Need Help.

Hello Flite Test, and Hello fellow prop heads!

What I want to do is make a Quad layout of 4 motors, around 250mm to 300mm apart from each other (X configuration).
Each motor will be mounted on/tilted by a servo, and they will move by the following rules:

Plane mode: Front motors pull the rear push, roll is controlled by the right engines moving to lift upward and the left ones the opposite way, and so on. Pitch is controlled by the front motors going to pull upward and the rear to push downward.
Rudder is controlled by differential thrust on the right side vs left side and so on.

Quad mode: Moving fwd and bkwd is ensured by all motors tilting forward and backward, roll is ensured by differential thrust like normal, roll is ensured by tilting the left and right side motors in opposite directions. Throttle controls the general speed of all motors for altitude and speed.

The aircraft would have a par of wings in between the props. what wing is still up for debate, what concerns me is what controller to use in order to program the functions I have described above. It would be OK if it would be able to be autonomous also.

Targeted MTOW is around 1kg.

Please help. :)