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What? It's Not a Mini? Simple Scout Build


I know nothing!
That poor girl never gets to fly on a calm day. Big shout out to @daxian! I picked up a 2212 1000kv with mounting hardware, bullet collet and a 30amp esc from YoungRC for $16. It's got a nonstandard shaft diameter and you've got to check the set screw, but for the price, that's a decent combo.

*EDIT* I cannot recommend the motors from YoungRC. The shaft is held in place by a small set screw that strips and pops out with little relative pressure, such as tightening a prop or even just flying. I bought two and both have done the same thing. *EDIT*

I can't say that it owned the wind, but sure did beat it down!

Yes. I'll call that a successful landing, thank you very much! :D Also, a big shout out to everybody who's been telling me all along - running with rates and expo made that flight possible. Thank you. (y)(y)(y)

Then it was my son's turn. Naturally he wasn't just going to fly in circles. Nope. Not his style. He had to learn to GLIDE a flippin' Simple Scout in some pretty heavy wind!

Wait, there's more! I separated this flight so the video wasn't too big for me to upload. In the previous video he learned to glide that bird. In this one he got good at it. Naturally, that wasn't enough. He had to take it to the next level and do gliding touch and go's! Well, nearly a touch. Darn well close enough!

Did he nearly give himself a concussion, but manage to land at his feet? Yes. He did that. o_O:D

Total damage from the day? The landing gear wire bent a little (Oh, No!) and I bent a wing tip down (Oh, my!) The earlier surgery on wing and fuselage was an unmitigated success and Glorious is just sitting and waiting for the next flight opportunity. She's got a pilot, now (He's been waiting since last Christmas.) More on that when the time comes...;)
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