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What should I design next??

What should I design next??

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WWII fanatic
Well, I can't decide what to build next, I narrowed it down to these but still can't decide. Whichever plane gets the most votes by like the end of January will be my next project.


Well-known member
I'd love to see a F-100 Super Sabre. That's what my Father in Law flew. He now has Parkinson's from agent orange exposure during his time in the Air Force. It would be sweet to build one he can see fly, and there is not a lot of kits of those out there. One day I figure I'd give it a go, but I'm years away from designing something like that.
Okay, I'm a sucker for the Warthog. I'll admit it. The first time I drove a Mutt down a dirt road along the side of the firing range in Fire Valley near Fort Bragg, and all of the sudden i heard that one and only Gatling Gun roar, then she swooped down and away close enough to read the pilots name... That was an impression to last a life time.
Single prop, twins and Quads, oh my! Pushers, floats, and EDF's, oh my!
I say... get crazy! Do something like a modified Guinea Pig with... hmm... EDF's! Yeah. Wait, 1.5 of the full size and make her Quad EDF! And go... um... Twin Tail!
Just find a plane you like... and either bring an old winger up to date, or mosh two or more craft together!