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I want wheels on my new plane but foam ones will get torn up on the pavement that I use as my runway. I've been thinking of using rubber LEGO wheels but they're kinda heavy. Does anyone have any suggestions on materials or how I can protect my foam wheel from getting shredded?


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Wheels are expensive but can be made from many different materials. It all depends on the model size as to what I would recommend.

When faced with such a problem I still use the regualr wheels but will wrap the tread with either plastic insulation tape or even self amalgamating rubber tape. After a few flights the tape can be replaced and the wheels remain pristine. Such an approach also allows for the wheel to be used without the extra tape where the landing surface permits.

If the model is reasonably light I use the lid from a Coke bottle in the centre of a slice of pool noodle with a tape provided tread. They work ok but can be a little large in diameter unless you shave down the pool noodle.

What works for me!

Have fun!


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I used to cut the rim out of foamboard then put a thin layer of hot glue all the way around then and stick a large o-ring on it. the rubber helped save the foam