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Which antennas will work together?

I'm new to the forums and would like to get into FPV I saw a kit on ready-made RC that has everything you need to get into FPV you have several options on what type of antenna you can get in I was wondering which RX antennas would be compatible with which TX antennas. The default antenna for the receiver is an 8dBi patch antenna. I was taught however that the patch antennas are one directional and need to be pointed out the plane at all times. There is an option for a skew planar wheel whip circular polarised RX antenna that I would like to get. However I do not know which transmitter option will be compatible with that antenna. One of the antennas besides the stock transmitter antenna is a cloverleaf whip circular polarised antenna. I was wondering Are these two antennas compatible with each other, and what would my results be compared to just using the standard antennas? Any advice would be great. Here is the link to the webpage http://www.readymaderc.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4_319&products_id=1012


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
YES the cloverleaf and the skew planer are the correct pair. The result is extended range over stock antennas.

IMO a patch for receiving and a clover for transmitting are a good combo. You eliminate multipath interference but also get tons of range. Just Make sure your controls link isnt going to be lost if you go too far.