HobbyKing Bixler - TX Light


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Hey There!

I've had my H.K Bixler for a few months now, and have only had this problem recently. The light on my stock TX (Transmitter) is flashing. For most of my flights the light was solid, I've only had one flight in which the light was flashing and I quickly lost control, fortunately, the air plane was okay.​

Could anyone diaganose what problem I am having, why, and how to fix it? Any help would be much appreciated.​



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Sounds like the batteries are getting low. A flashing light is normally an indicator for low bat voltage I believe.


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I see, however, on the TX is says High = Green, Mid = Amber, Low = Red; I believe that these colours refer to the battery voltage, so I reckon that may not be it. On a similar note, I keep my batteries well charged so my TX doesn't die on me.


What kind of batteries do you have? Maybe it is time to use hobbyking life batteries for in your transmitter. They look like lipos, but are different from the inside. Maybe try flying in a different place further away from cities. Also check the battery voltage on your receiver lipo. Maybe make a video about it with your entire setup. I think that I can try to help you if you do that.


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Before I had my Graupner HOTT Tx system, I used to use the ENELOOP rechargeable batteries in my Spektrum Tx's. And I highly recommend them :

Many RC people use these because of the very low self discharge.
Check the site for more details:


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