Bixler 2 Gopro mount success on PNP Motor and electronics???


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So I have bought myself a Turnigy Action cam for my Bix2 and wanted to mount it on a spare canopy which I have done today.

The Bixler is on totally PNP Electronics and I am using a 3s 2200mah and a 7x5e prop I think. It didn't want to take off at all even with flaps into the wind. I am having to hand launch it as the grass is very long at my flying sight. All my CG is spot on and I double checked everything twice before flight. It fly's without the Action Cam so i'm thinking its too heavy maybe??

Any Help on this matter would be awesome?


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I'm not sure why you are having a problem. I was using my Bix 2 for FPV with lots of gear on it. I was even flying with two 3000 mah batteries in there. The CG needs to be on the mark and a couple of steps and a strong chuck to get it going always worked for me. I needed the flaps down with that extra weight.

You only have the weight of the camera on there so it shouldn't be a problem at all.
Here is my set up ( before I crashed it and took it home in a bag)
Bixler 2 fpv setup with mods small.jpg