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Lipo Battery issues for quadcopter

Hi guys & girls,
I have recently built my first quad(250mm)- zmr250, naze32, 2280kv motors & emax blheli escs.
I'm currently using Orange 1000mah 30c-3s batteries with Imax B3 compact Lipo Balance charger(http://www.amazon.in/MatLogix-Balan...scsubtag=09fa2c0c-f513-4a86-9da0-5cee8c0b33f4)
After my 1st charge, the batteries were showing a voltage of 11.68v, I flew around 4 mins with a battery. It discharged to around 9.1v
Now I'm using the charger, but it only gets the battery upto 10.6v, even after keeping it switched on for 4-5 hrs.
I think the charger is shitty. I checked its no-load voltage which appears to be 12.1v, but after connecting it to the battery it just drops to 10.6v.
pl tell me is there any simple & quick method to fix this or do i need to buy a new one(eg:http://www.ebay.in/itm/222350600067?aff_source=Sok-Goog).
A method using minimal new equipments would be appreciated.


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Lipos have a limit. Discharge them too much and they die forever. Overcharge them and they explode. I have never discharged a lipo down to 9.1. I don't know if your battery can recover from that. I suspect not and that the lipo is permanently damaged due to over discharge.

I want my lipos to alarm at <> 3.5v per cell or 10.5v on a 3S. I come home and land when the alarm chimes.

1000mAh 30c lipos are pretty small for a 250. At 30C you are hovering at or near the battery max discharge, so when you hit wide open throttle, the battery won't have much to give you. The more mAh the lipo has the longer it can hold out but with 1000mAh you don't have long depending on the weight of your copter.

IMO, unless your copter weighs in under 300 grams, including the lipo, your batteries are too small. Look into a 1300 or 1500 mAh in the 45-90C range. This should give you <> 5 minutes of flight with a 500gram 250 without cooking your lipo.

I can't speak to your charger. I use a cheap Turnigy Accucel 6 and it works fine. The key is to balance charge and not keep batteries fully charged on the shelf for days at a time.

If you have a second battery, see if the charger will fully charge it. If so, you probably killed the first lipo. If the charger will not fully charge a new lipo, you should replace the charger.

Anyway you slice it, be wary of that lipo that dropped to 9.1v. Mark it with tape or something and don't trust it over water. :)