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  1. C

    Cheap Simple Mini Quad Frame

    Im still pretty new to all of this but I built a simple frame while I was saving up to buy a carbon fiber or G10 frame and in the end I love it so much I don't have any need to upgrade, at least until I get good enough for some detail to matter to me. So with no metal fasteners (only zip ties)...
  2. T

    Best gear for budget Tricopter

    I've been trying NOT to want a multirotor ever since starting in this hobby but space is so limited where I live and it makes it hard for me to stick to my flying wings and get any kind of flight time so I'm going to start a slow build of a tricopter. I have always built cheap but strong so...
  3. T

    Super cheap and simple FPV ground station

    I'm very new to FPV but it was the reason I got into RC fixed wing. As many of us already know, RC, though dramatically less expensive than a decade ago can still be very pricey, especially if you want to get into FPV. One of the greatest costs for someone new to FPV is the ground station...
  4. inflytRC

    Cheap and Easy to build Tricopter Tilt / Yaw Mechanism: The Barrel Bolt Yaw

    If you're looking for a quick and cheap way to build a tilt mechanism for your tricopter, here's one that I came up with that might interest you... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZerXxwRcrg hope this helps! -jeff
  5. T

    2 Airbrushes for CHEAP!-NEW!

    I have recently found two airbrushes on ebay that look good quality for a cheap price! If you want to paint your planes I think this would be an excellent start! -The Flight Guy http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=261469157726...
  6. T

    Shop around and save on adaptors

    Just wanted to share my experience being cheap. I just got the Accucel-6 for my birthday. In anticipation of getting either that or the ImaxB6 I made an adaptor out of what "I thought" was a compatible DC connector that would connect to one of the molex connectors on my PC but when I tried it...
  7. W

    Turnigy 9x receivers

    Decided not to sell
  8. W

    Need to Generate 40+ Pounds for a Multicopter

    Hi guys, i need to generate 40+ pounds of thrust (although preferably more) for a multi-copter I want to keep it under 6s because that way I can save a lot of money in ESC's and battery's. But before I go out there and spend my hard earned money on some crazy project I want to double check my...
  9. B

    How to fly.

    Hi, I am am a complete starter at RC quad copters and I a building a SK450 quad. I am 13 and my dad said that before I can put 400 dollars in the air, I need to practice flying first. What is a cheap off the shelf quad copter that I can use to practice. I would like if it were under 60...
  10. C

    Low cost build

    Hi everyone, I have been following various threads and now i want to build my first RC build, a quadcopter. I have a budget of 400$ I think this setup can work fine, what think guys? HJ 450 quad Frame...
  11. knife-edge

    Cheaper Extreme Packing Tape Alternative

    So I was walking through staples the other day looking for a roll of extreme packing tape. I found it and it was 12.99. "Can't see paying that I thought to myself", so I redlaszered it and saw that the cheapest you could get it is 8.99 plus shipping online. I gave up and was about to buy the...
  12. H

    Most cost effective 8x4 props?

    Sorry if this has been discussed, I tried to search but this forum is huge. I'm a noob so this is in reference to the beginner speed build kits which I've been using as templates. It turns out that prop savers can't save props from straight nose dives. What's the most cost-effective prop setup...
  13. jamiedco

    Gopro copy from china

    after i trashed my gopro 2 weeks ago iv been looking for a new camera . i sound this one on sunsky http://www.sunsky-online.com/product/default!view.do?subject.id=268041 it looks like it could be quite good . and it is compatable with all my gopro parts . i have ordered one and will post...
  14. Hamdhan

    3000m under $300

    I thought of twisting the 100mph under 100usd to 3000m FPV under 300usd excluding shipping and transmitter price. Modify and discuss :)
  15. Hamdhan

    Mounting EDFs

    Dear Flitetest Community, I recently finished building my EPX 900NX, its an Eco friendly flier. It is my FIRST plane so it looks kinda messy but its quite good for a first try I'd say. The plane takes off but is really tail heavy so I shall correct it soon. But for now, I have mounted the EDF's...
  16. JimCR120

    Scratchbuilt Wing-

    Ok, after crashing the Funbat enough times that required more props than I now care to count (though the last crash was a selfless act of mercy to spare the untimely demise of a spankin' new P-40) and also having seen the Joshes flying the Swifts, the Sumo, and the Bonzai I have come to...