Hi guys! Noob question about dlg "build"


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Hi guy,

Noob from Vienna, Austria here.
I have a quick nooby question concerning my plan to buy and "build" the Hobbiking Mini DLG:

I am planning to bind my MLP6DSM transmitter (from a HH Sport Cub S) to the OrangeRx R410X DSMX Compatible reciever I am planning to use.

I learned that you can rebind those transmitters here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwQ1zDwLjIE), and now I am wondering:

1) Would it bind to the DSMX combatible Orange, or does it have to be a Spectrum like Peter is using in the vid? My guess is yes it will bind, but still.

2) During the binding process the reciever gets powered by the ESC plugged into the throttle slot, but as I am building a glider without an ESC I am not sure how to power the reciever for the binding process (it has a BATT/Bind slot, so i plug in either the battery or the bind plug, which is puzzling me).

Thnx in advance for any insight that will bring me one step further into this awsome hobby!


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Hey Martin, Welcome to the forum!

The OrangeRX DSM2/X receivers can bind with pretty much any DSM2/X Transmitter. Brand has nothing to do with it.

As for power, pick a channel. The power/ground rail on these RX's are all common. plug your bind plug into the bind slot and power into one of the servo slots (you should have one free, as this TX isn't be able to mix separate aileron channels). bind with the TX and you should be good to go.

. . . that being said . . . consider upgrading your TX. That's a short-range TX, and while you probably can't throw it out of range yet, keep up the practice and you will eventually be able to thermal it out of range. I'll do for now, but the better you get the bigger the risk you take.


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Hey Martin82, welcome to the forum! The MLP6DSM transmitter will be compatible with OrangeRX. OrangeRX is just a cloned version of spektrum and the protocol used is the same. That said, I don't recommend using the MLP6DSM for a large DLG because it has limited range. It may be fine to start with, but as you progress and start catching thermals the last thing you want is to lose range and watch your DLG glide into the distance. I would recommend at least getting a cheap full range system like this one (mode 1 or 2 depending on your preference), or getting something a little more expensive like a Turnigy i6 so you can do mixes and expo among other things.

To power the receiver for binding you can use the BEC from and ESC if you have one, or a standalone BEC if you have one. You can also power the receiver directly by plugging in a 1 or 2s lipo - or a NiMh pack around 5v if you have one - directly into the power and ground pins on the receiver. It does not have to be the bind slot, it can be any slot.

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Thank you guys this is awesome! I am so looking forward to building and flying this plane! I know about the limited range of the transmitter, I am just on a quite tiny budget for now, especially since I am not sure yet how much time and space I will be able to find for flying. Also, since it is a tiny dlg it won't be a problem at first. If I really get into it, I will definitely upgrade the transmitter eventually.

I have the feeling I have just found an awsome place on the internet. :)