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  1. F

    searching for a budget DLG

    searching a budget DLG Hi There! I just wanted to ask if you have any suggestions for a budget priced DLG. I have had the Dreamflight Alula for quite some time now and I want to be able to do more F3K. I thought about under 450 €. Every advice is appreciated.
  2. C

    New DLG available

    Does anyone have one of these on order? Looks like it might be a great entry level DLG. Maybe we could get them to send Flitetest a couple to do build video and flight videos. Looks like a sweet ship. http://www.dream-flight.com/products/libelle-dlg Crashmaster
  3. C

    FT Versa DLG Prototype.

    So, I will start out with an apology. Mainly because I am new at this whole forum thing, but also, because I rushed this build. And, well, it shows. However, I believe I had some small success. I have been flying RC for about 3 years, but have always gotten my planes 2nd hand, and have only had...
  4. EraJomppa

    Longhshot 4 DLG - Buildthread

    After flying couple of scratchbuilt gliders past year I decided I wanted a proper glider. DLG seemed the best way to go for me so I chose Longshot 4. Im more of a scratchbuilder guy and I like to go cheap so this is something way different than what Iv done before. Previously my most expensive...
  5. A

    Scratch build suggestion- FT DLG

    Ever since the DLG video that you guys have made, I have grown a real interest in DLG but i don't have the money to buy one. I would love to see you guys design a supper cool (As always) DLG that has a 950mm wingspan with supper small airfoils and that is durable. Post your idea's below guys!
  6. jsut210

    DLG Wing Advice

    Hey guys! I'm building the Mimi DLG out of balsa and had some questions regarding the wing. My issue is pretty much that I used some less than quality balsa for the outer section of the right wing and it is now unbalanced. This means that one side of the wing is heavier than the other. I have...
  7. C

    Review of the Dream-Flight Alula Glider

    I've been wanting to get into DLG gliders and this may be my entry point. Haven't taken the plunge yet but, I think it might make an excellent idea for an episode. It is an inexpensive glider that many people have had great things to say about. I think a build/flying review episode would...
  8. jamiedco

    Foam Board Dlg

    hello all since going threw David's site (rcexplorer.se) i have been wanting a dlg . but i am not that skilled with gliders so i don't want to spend a few hundred dollars on a dlg that i will probable kill . so after some searching i found a foam board dlg so when i kill it it will be cheap to...