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  1. Konrad

    F-5 Tiger II (Freewing F-5 mods and set up)

    As I don't see an EDF forum I'll post some of my impressions of Freewing F-5 Tiger here under "Warbirds". Some background is in order. I received this model as a hand me down after the original owner crashed it on the maiden flight performing a classic rendition of the “Saber Dance”. While the...
  2. F2G2Corsair

    Cold War Jets, EDF Series Please!

    Hi everyone. One of my favorite Flite Test designs was the FT Viggen, and I was wondering if the Flite Test Team could do a Cold War Jet EDF Series this winter. I would love to see the F-105 Thunderchief built much like the Viggen was. How about we put it to a vote? Each person vote for the Cold...
  3. R

    FT Viggen 5,180' above sea level

    I finally got around to building the FT Viggen I purchased months ago. Here is a video my friend Jeff took of a flight at the Arvada Associated Modelers field outside of Denver, CO. Over a mile high!
  4. Z

    Exploring Ducted Props with 3D Printing

    A sleep deprived idea came into my head when thinking about an active cooling system for a friend's Mikado, the result was scary, and I may have stumbled into the gateway for EDFs. These 1806 motors used to have an overheat problem when using 6045 bullnoses, but the 5040 3 bladed props kept it...
  5. Konrad

    Freewing 90mm EDF fan (rotor hub ID)

    Help. As my project jet is a Freewing 90mm F-16 sold with a 6 cell outrunner EDF system I'm posting here under "Warbirds". This is because I can't find a dedicated forum for EDFs here on the FT form site. What I’m looking for some information on the Freewing/Changesun 90mm 12 bladed...
  6. HilldaFlyer

    Glassed Viggen

    Hi everyone, I good friend of mine gave me a FT Viggen for Christmas. I've been too busy to get to it, but if it is anything like the FT-18, it will need support in the wings to make it durable. So, I'm going to start my build and document my process here. Please follow along.
  7. CarboardKings

    Original design 70MM EDF Jet

    Inspire by a land speed record vehicle. Something different Almost complete. 70mm EDF AAW 850 Grams
  8. M

    3D Printed EDF Jet Engine

    Hello, Me and my friend designed a EDF jet engine, wich we printed out using a 3D printer. After assembly and testing we came to a conclusion that it is working pretty well. So we decided to build a bigger one. Currently the jet turbine measures 12cm (4.73in) and it is 22cm (8.66in) long. The...
  9. S

    TY-03 70mm EDF forward Swept Wing Ski Plane

  10. J

    I'd love to see and EDF F-117 build!

    I've seen several pusher prop designs and even one with a nose prop. But the only EDF build I've seen designs for is a solid wood model and I'd prefer a foam-board build. I did find one thread here, but it was a scratch-build without plans and I don't have the skills to design my own.
  11. PilotSam


    Does anyone have an idea of an edf unit, esc, and battery that would be powerful enough to pull me on a skateboard (the all up weight with me on the skate board is about 115 pounds)? I don't know if I should use a 70mm or a 90mm. Maybe even two 70mm ones. My idea is to make an edf jet powered...
  12. CarboardKings

    Own Design Popsicle Sticks and BBQ Skewer Frame

    90mm EDF powered ice cream stick frame. Made last year. Still waiting to maiden. Had to leave it in storage before coming to Thailand.:(
  13. CarboardKings

    Viper-ish Cardboard EDF Jet

    Yes we went for it! Also a few pictures of the other big boys we built from scratch. My son and I
  14. T

    F-14D Tomcat Swing Wing

    I would love to see a swing wing EDF Version of the F-14D Tomcat. I believe that it would look like a beautiful plane, and be very high performance. I know you guys can do it, just like you did the Viggen.;)
  15. A

    E-Flite UMX Habu S DF180

    I recently started buying instead of just the scratch building, I have got the E-Flite T-28 Trojan and i can handle that pretty well, i mainly build small parkfliers but i have never seen and EDF Jet the size of the UMX Habu. I think it is fine as it does have the Sensor Assisted Flight...
  16. E

    Repurposed Habu 180 S Electronics

    I recently got the new UMX Habu 180 S with S.A.F.E. It was a little beyond my flying skills, and I crashed it so much that hot glue repairs made it heavy and less enjoyable to fly. Since a replacement airframe is upwards of $100, I thought, "can I make an airframe out of DTFB?" So I tried! My...
  17. Centus

    Foamboard Grumman X-29 w/ 50mm EDF

    Hi everyone! I'd like to show you all my new X29 design: So I finally got to take her out for a maiden flight, and I didn't crash and burn! She was tail heavy on the first launch, but I got it right on the second launch. Unfortunately, she was really underpowered with a 50mm Dr. Mad Thrust...
  18. P

    Best Sounding EDF - Deer whistles?

    Alright so everyone knows that most EDF Jet fliers search really hard for a jet with a good "air ripping" sound. Their are a lot of different solutions, leaving bay doors open and landing gear down, making the motor very quiet, balancing properly, installing a thrust tube, increasing blade...
  19. A

    Habu 2 6s power system calculation

    First I would like to say this is my first post. I have made the formatting as organized as I can, hope you enjoy. I recently bought all these components with the intention of building and flying the Habu 2. http://bit.ly/1l6JVrE Bare Airframe: Habu 2 http://bit.ly/1Nn7S3I Delta-V 15 69mm...
  20. N

    A3 EDF V-TOL

    the cowls are for 90mm fans and each it rotated by a micro servo in the "wrist". the tail is also set up to put a servo for rudder movement. the fuselage can hold a 6S lipo along with a kk2 and a gimbal in the nose. the hole for the dome is 3in. if anyone has any better ideas please comment and...