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  1. D

    Recommendations for EDF and ESC for X29

    Is anyone flying the X-29 with an EDF? Do you have any recommendations for the EDF and ESC? I know they mention a 70mm EDF, but I have no idea what RPM, cell count, or Amp ESC. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. shihaocao

    28" Foam Board EDF F86 (Plans Attached)

    Here's my take on a ~28" wingspan Foam Board EDF F86: I'm personally extremely proud of this design, especially the Mk2. To be honest, it's the fastest aircraft I've ever flown and it's probably beyond my skill level to fly. So I decided to share it with you guys, hopefully, some of you will...
  3. Chuppster

    The scratch-built twin-EDF CH-F14

    The F-14 has some of my favorite curves of any jet, and I would love to scratch build one out of foam. So, I'm here to begin my efforts! I'm still in the process of drawing the plans and I am totally looking for any advice anyone has. This is also my first build without anyone's plans to hold...
  4. Mid7night

    Plane XF A-4 Skyhawk EDF v8

    SPECS Span: 30 in. Length: 43 in. Empty Weight: 27 oz. Power: 70mm EDF Battery: 3000mAh - 5000mAh 4-cell Lipo Flying Weight: ~45 oz. I highly recommend a 12-blade EDF, but this jet will fly on any similarly-powered fan regardless of the...
  5. Zephyr1

    100" 70mm EDF U-2 Dragon Lady

    I worked on a MiG-21 for a while and that had a really high wing loading so I want to try something in the opposite direction. The U-2 is one of only five planes in service with the USAF for over 50 years and was designed back in the 1950s by Skunk Works. I'm really excited to attempt an...
  6. Zephyr1

    F-86 Sabre - 50mm EDF

    The F-86 Sabre is among my favorite jets. How can you not love the greatest MiG killer in history? I decided to make the it scale to my F-15. It requires ONLY 2 sheets of foamboard! This means that if you lawndart it (I did the first one!) it's no trouble to rebuild! I used a FMS 12 blade 50mm...
  7. Chuppster

    EDF Help

    Hello! bought this edf/motor: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/blade-high-performance-70mm-edf-12-blades-ducted-fan-unit.html https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-2226-3000-70mm-edf-outrunner.html The setup draws 50 amps on a 4s and produces about 700g of thrust with a thrust tube. It would be...
  8. Lancenlink

    This might be crazy enough to fly!

    Any ideas on this concept? So you know how jets usually have the engine in the back and some canards in the front, well what if you replaced the canards with the engines (I swear I'm not drunk!). Essentially the concept was for a twin edf aircraft to have its motors rotate on an axis for...
  9. Lancenlink

    Scratch build Su-47 ideas?

    Ok so here goes my 3rd post on this amazing website. To summarize this thread, This is going to be my first scratch build without plans and I was wondering if you had any suggestions. Now that the summary is over here's my idea. The Russian Su-47 has been a favorite of mine for many reasons...
  10. J

    F-35 my 3rd scratch build

    Started scratch Building planes a year ago and have since made 3. Just wanted to see what people thought of it. It's made from foam and balsa, Between raising my 2 kids its taken me 3 months. I'll show the build process if anyone is interested. It's almost finished.
  11. Pieliker96

    The Other XB-70 Build | Valkyrie V2

    As you may have seen, Mid7Night has recently started an impressive XB-70 build here. Coincidentally, I have been planning an extremely similar build to his for the past month or so. My goal is to build a 1/20 scale (9.45 foot) XB-70 with 4 EDFs and retracts with a total AUW under 4.5kg (10 lbs)...
  12. Andre

    Been a while - Twin EDF Jet

    So it started out with a set of 64mm (3S) EDF motors and some 40AMP ESCs. It ended with what appears to be a decent setup. Fingers crossed. The initial glide tests showed me I could move the battery closer to the main fuse and shorten the nose section. The 2nd round tests with flight controls...
  13. P

    Multi stage EDF

    I know EDF's are not like a jet engine, but if you added more then one set of blades onto the driveshaft, would that increase thrust? My design is an internal motor with outflow going through 90 degree ducting so it will theoretically have more back pressure. If you connected two or more stages...
  14. M

    Scratch built 70mm EDF fighter jet

    I was inspired to attempt to create my own designs after finishing up an FT Viggen. This is a model designed by me although I must admit it turned out very similar to an F-16 style aircraft. I model the aircraft using blender in 3D and then utilize UV mapping and some plugins to "unfold" the 3D...
  15. L

    ESC caught fire during preflight checklist

    Hello all, I recently built a twin edf engine plane. However, while running over the preflight checklist I did an engine check and my esc's both started smoking furiously. Both engines were the same, the were the 64mm EDF Viggen package from grayson hobby. Why did they catch fire? I was using...
  16. C

    1/8 scale F-104C

    I've been wanting to build an edf f-104 for a while, and finally broke down and decided to do it. The wingspan is 30" clean, without tip tanks, and is 80" long. It's actually longer than my build table. The nose will be removable for transport. Sadly I couldn't find scale retracts for this size...
  17. D

    200% FT Viggen for Flite Fest East 2017

    Well I figured I would post a quick thread about the large EDF Viggen that I am madly working to have ready for FF East. I should have started sooner, but many things (new house) have slowed me down. That said I think I can have it at least ready to maiden in time for FF East. This will be our...
  18. ItMightFly

    18mm EDF Plans

    Hello! So I have an 18mm EDF, that's taking up space (not much, but its in the way of other builds). I have tried multiple designs (9 to be exact), all failed. It came from a crashed UMX Habu (the original, not the new one), due to a radio failure. Do any of you have some kind of plan that I...
  19. ukh87

    Introducing foamcore airliner!

    Made of 100% foamcore from dollar tree. Wing span approx 42" Gross weight 27.5oz (780g) twin 50mm edf, twin 20A ESC 5~10 min flight with 3S 2200mah It's edf and not a swappable but I'm planning to build a swappable pusher airliners. Anyone interested? Please leave me some airliners...
  20. Konrad

    Freewing Me-262 (what is old is new)

    Last night I was slumming over at MotionRC’s sales forum "Hobby Squawk” and ran across some discussions on upping the power in the Freewing Me 262. I have to admit I was amused that it has taken this long for Freewing to update this fine model. And puzzled that they chose to...