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Problem powering up flip 1.5

Hello guys,

I am trying to build up the electrohub quadcopter from flitetest using electronic kit from ready to fly quads but I have some problems powering up the flip1.5.
Basically, I am at the point where all my ESCs are connected to the distribution board. I plugged the 4 of them into the flight controller. My receiver is bind up correctly and connected to the flip 1.5. However when I power up everything, I hear the motor beeping, the receiver is showing red steady light but the flight controller won't power up ...

I also have tried to connect the flight controller via usb and use the mutliwii configuration software. The flip 1.5 will power up correctly and I am able to calibrate the radio switch using the software. That means that the receiver input are well read by the flip1.5.

Do you know why the flip won't power up when powering up using the battery ?
Do you think something is damaged or else?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help, I am just so close to make it work ... !




Winter is coming
Welcome to the flitetest world Bertrand!

While connected to the gui running on your computer, did you by any chance try to arm the flight controller? Doing so, you should see the arm indicator go green. The red ledon the board will also light up. The default arm sequence is lowest throttle, full right yaw.

If that doesn't work, your end points need to be adjusted on your tx. You need to do the arming while the aircraft is level and stationary.

I was just wondering, the flip should at least turn on and show red led when connected using the battery, right ? (in my case, none of the led is on)
Then I guess when arming the blue led should turn on. But at least I should see that the flip is powered up, no?

I'll try what you propose tonight anyway.
Also one thing I forgot to mention is that, when connected via usb to the multiwii configuration software, I can see the value read by the accelerometer changes as I move the flipboard, however I don't see the 3d model (airplane instrument like) moving...


Winter is coming
That's very odd, indeed. Can you connect the flip1.5 to the computer, run the MultiWiiConf app, connect, screenshot/capture the gui, and upload it? I think that might help.