1. M

    Flysky PPM Setup with CC3D

    Hello guys looking for some help here. I was able to pick up an Eachine Falcon 210, and a FlySky th9x. Unfortunately I have been unable to get it air born yet or at least control it in the air. I can`t figure out how to set it up in librepilot and if whether or not I need a new receiver or...
  2. C

    FlySky Rx FS-ia6b and Tx FS-i6s, Seriously Pro F3 and Cleanflight issue

    I am having some issues with getting my Tx inputs to be viewable in CleanFlight. I have followed a lot of tutorials with no success. Here are my steps: 1. updated all firmware 2. changed to ppm in cleanflight and Tx/Rx 3. used the Tx inputs and with no avail The Tx and Rx are bound, I have...
  3. cladeport

    how to connect a flysky FS-i6 to fatshark goggles for headtracking?

    is it possible to use head tracking with a flysky FS-i6 (AFHDS 2A protocol, rebranded as REELY HT-6 from I have a fatshark attitude V3. I dont know which cable / port on fatshark I need, both of which have what looks like a (mini?) DIN or S-video connector. Can I just hook them up...
  4. N

    Flysky FS-ct6b help

    Hey guys, I am using a flysky fs-ct6b. I know it is a cheap transmitter but I am trying to work with it until I can afford a better one. I am trying to set up differential thrust for the sea duck right now, does anyone have any tips on how to get it set up? I tried following the flitetest video...
  5. J

    How do I put two aileron servos into a fs-iA6 receiver?

    On the FS-iA6 receiver, there is only one slot available for ailerons. I have two servos. One for each aileron. So, Im confused with how this is supposed to work. This is my first scratch build. Thanks
  6. M

    Still having problems

    I posted about my problem here and I still can't get the receiver working, sometimes the LED lights up for a sec or two but then it dies. Thanks to all those that helped me in the other post!
  7. Z

    Help! Fs-T6 not working with pc

    Hi all, Im having trouble getting my fs-t6 to connect to my pc. I bought this cable, I hook it up to my pc and in device manager it shows up as ppm, but in the "set up a usb controller" section I cant get any data to show up from my sticks. Its the same in all the sims, It just doesn't pick up...
  8. R

    FT Bushwhacker electronics setup help

    Hey gals and guys! I am trying to get the gear together to build a Bushwhacker (God I love that plane). However, being in the UK I'm going to have to source the electronics individually and, at times, approximate to the closest equivalent available. Since I'm not exactly experienced with...
  9. kdobson83

    FlySky FS-T6 connection issues

    Hi guys, i need some help. I am fairly new to the hobby, flying my second plain, Ft Trainer. My first was the FT Flyer and i had no problems. Flew like a dream and got a lot of experience. My second plane, the FT trainer flew just fine too until here lately. I was flying in the park and my...
  10. L

    FS-i6A Receiver Gets Warm?

    Hi everyone! I am new to this forum I am relatively new to the RC hobby too. A few minutes ago, I posted the same question on a wrong forum. Anyways... I have a Flysky FS-i6 radio set with a FS-i6A receiver. After a few minutes of use, the receiver gets warm. Not hot, but warm. I am worried...
  11. L

    FS-i6A Receiver Gets Warm?

    Hi everyone! I am new to this forum :) I am relatively new to the RC hobby too. I have a Flysky FS-i6 radio set with a FS-i6A receiver. After a few minutes of use, the receiver gets warm. Not hot, but warm. I am worried, is this normal? Has anyone experienced this with this receiver or any...
  12. Zoszko

    CC3D - 250 Drifts away

    Hello everyone! I have just built my 250 FPV today, it was quite easy and straigth forward. It came with a CC3D, I have followed the wizzard and configured it. It does fly but I am having problems with it staying in place. Once I give it enough throttle to lift off it will start moving to the...
  13. L

    Flysky fs-t6 Pairing question

    Hi! I've got a problem pairing my flysky fs-t6 radio with my new orange r615 receiver. It's a 2.4ghz tx and rx. I've used the receiver that came with my radio, the flysky fs-r6b, on mu quad, but want to switch to cppm to allow for gps and a more tidier frame. I'm compleatley new at this, so any...
  14. B

    Control board question.

    Hello all. First time posting so be kind. Im an old rc guy from way back and I live in a weird spot to say the least. Originally from Missouri now a long ways away for a long time now (10 years). So this whole quad thing has happened and to be hones I have never even seen one in person. We are...
  15. B

    FlySky module binding issue

    I'm looking at upgrading my TGY 9x Radio for the FrSky Taranis. However having 10 models each with their own 9xV2 RX makes the upgrade much more expensive than first thought when considering changing out all the receivers. I've looked into the FlySky module with the idea of using that to bind my...
  16. T

    Fly Sky/Viggin Set-up

    HELP- Im trying to set up the elevon for my Viggin with a FlySky and I have an issue I can't seem to get around. The elevator and rudder are fine when used alone and elevon off, but when elevon is on the controls are reversed, bank is pitch and pitch is bank. I tried reverse servo and stick mode...
  17. ParkeFlyer

    Announcing... ParkeFlyer online store

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that we recently opened an online store called ParkeFlyer. We are a small company located in Austin, Texas, USA, focused on RC products that get you out of the garage and your plane in the air. Our flagship product is the Flyer9x RC transmitter. We've taken...