Inductrix Blade Conversion question...

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I have a Inductrix Blade that I have recently put a Super Mini 25mw VTX camera I got from FliteTest on. The install went good, but I have about half the airtime for the quad that I had before adding the camera. I use to get a good 3+ minutes just cruising around, now it less that 2 minutes. Is this normal for the addition of this model of camera?

Trying to figure out if I should leave the camera on the Blade or remove it and make a mount for a small bi-plane park flyer I have and use it on that...

Thanks for any help...


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Yeah, that is pretty normal. The camera adds a good deal of weight that has to be carried around as well as adding additional electrical drain on the battery. I use 220mah batteries on my whoop which helps some.



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Litterbug is spot on. I'm actually surprised you can get 2 minutes, when I put the same camera on my NanoQX it barely lifted off and would only fly for a few seconds before the battery sagged below the LVC.


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I get close to 5 minutes with a 200mW, metal 4-clover leaf antenna, AIO on an FPV-converted Inductrix with 205mAh batteries. There are many factors involved with flight time: battery connectors, motor Amp draw, prop efficiency, Low Voltage Cutoff (LVC) of the 3-in-1 brick, etc.

SoCal Perky

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Thanks for your replies. I looked into your mods TazRC and like them. It sorta makes sense also if no extra capacity for weight and battery draw was built into the stock blades. More weight and more power draw requires more weight carrying capacity and more battery to support the same. Thanks...:rolleyes: