The Whack-A-Birdie challenge!


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Hello, my name is Charlie, (Charlie123 is my forum name here, as you can see). I am challenging those who see this challenge, to drop a large number of Badminton birdies from a plane, and then do one or more of the following (pick one or more):

(Note): Any of the things below can be partially done by a partner/competitor, as long as it is fair (for instance, your opponent(s) flies a plane over the target nice and straight, and releases the birdies. Then you or someone else does one of the below):

A) Get a badminton racket and hit as many as you can, then get a partner to compete against you.
B) Get another plane, and try to hit/chop as many birdies as possible.
C) Get a multirotor, and try to hit/chop as many birdies as possible.

Due to the fact that its hard to tell how many birdies were hit, this challenge could be altered so that the goal is to chop as many birdies as possible.

So, basically, I want two or more people to try and reach one of these goals and compete against each other. Show me the results, preferably on video! ;)

Things needed:
Object to hit/chop birdies
Plane to carry birdies
Badminton birdies
And everything else needed for the items listed here (Tx for instance, duh! :D).

Anyone can attempt this challenge!

That's pretty much everything! :cool:

Feel free to make alterations to this challenge, just mention them, and yes, you can be unfair (or at the other end, make it hard for yourself!), since this is for fun. ;)