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  1. N

    EDF or Prop for high altitude?

    Hello all! I was recently gifted the X-29 for the holidays and need to obtain the electronics to make it fly. I live at 7000ft altitude and have been flying a simple scout with no issues at all (power pack B). I plan on buying the power pack C. I am wondering what will work better for high...
  2. Rplaine1

    Solved Help! Sport Cub 1.3m not flying correctly

    I had a very fast unscheduled landing with my sport cub and I’m having some issues. The plane wants to nose down a lot to the point where I have to constantly hold about 20-30% down pressure for it to track straight. However with the flaps in full deflection the plane flies straight enough. The...
  3. H

    Wizard x220 problem connecting to betaflight

    Hey guys, so i just bought a wizard x220 and tried to connect it to betaflight but it says "failed to open serial port". I have tried to download the drivers on the welcome screen of betaflight but I am still not able to connect to my drone. What are the list of drivers that I need and that...