1. R

    First Post/Build. Have a 'tiny' question about my Micro FPV setup.

    Hello people who know more about Quadcopters and Radios and Electricities than me! My story is below. I'll cut to the chase here: I just now noticed the camera output voltage on the AltitudeRC 25mw TVX I ordered last night is rated at just 3.6V! The problem is that last night I also...
  2. UABMaddog

    Motors on tiny quads, how long do they last?

    I have 2 Blade Inductrix and a Nano QX my youngest and I fly around the house/garage/non-windy days outside. How much time should we expect out of those tiny overworked motors? Replacement motors from Horizon seem a bit steep, anyone ever used the Micro Motor Warehouse motors? Their prices seem...
  3. M

    Micro Su-35/37 with thrust vectoring nozzles - a challenge for Flite Test

    Hi Flite Test!!! I thought I will give you a hard project. You have already made F-22 from America, JA-37 from Europe, maybe it's time for something Russian? :) Your goal is to make an EDF Su-35/Su-37 (or a mix of them, like Su-35 with canards :D) from foam/depron with advanced 3D fuselage and...
  4. Rockonmyfriend

    17" Delta Flying Wing, Using Mostly UM Stryker Internals

    First of all, let me say there wasn't any planning ahead that went into this build... First thing I did was fold the airfoil, and it kinda went straight to improv, meaning hacking away foam with the Xacto knife. Story: I used to own a Parkzone Ultra Micro Stryker... I used to, I crashed it...
  5. U

    Just got the Inum..... (And Calling Joshua Finn!)

    I'm a new pilot, and after trying a couple Multi-rotors I thought it would be fun to get the Inum. It's my first RC Plane. The Inum is very, very, VERY light. about 0.3 ounces, just over 8 grams. This makes it less than half the weight of a Blade Nano and about 3 grams lighter than a Proto...
  6. Spastickitten

    A place to put all of your diy micro (indoor size) quad things!

    I was thinking of making a micro indoor quad and just need a place for others to put their info! ^-^ Hobbykings new products made for micro quads Quanum Pico 32bit Brushed Flight Control board Quanum WISP 110 micro multirotor frame 60mm Propeller Quad Set (4 pcs) Mini Quad Brushed Motor...
  7. T

    Ultra Micro Builds!

    This is the place to post all your ultra micro builds! Anything roughly smaller than 600mm wingspan.
  8. Montiey

    Profile FT3D Motor questions

    After the moisture destroyed my kit FT3D at flitefest, I decided to satisfy the urge for an AS3Xtra by building a profile 3D foamie. I used nothing but hot glue and large popsicle sticks to secure the tail and all that, but heres the problem. The only motor I have is a 24gram blue wonder equiv...
  9. C


    Hi, this is my first post on this website, so might I say that I absolutely love what FliteTest is doing for the RC community, and the content they bring to us. I wanted to ask if you had ever thought of doing an episode on the Plantraco micro kits, such as the Shoestring? I think this would be...
  10. C

    Best ultra micro fixed wing builds?

    I'm just starting to get into rc aircraft building and I really like the micro crafts mainly because I don't have a large area to fly so I was looking for some suggestions on ultra and micro aircraft builds and what the best electricals to use would be. I actually saw a plane on sonic dad I...
  11. Mik3

    Surfing and inverted climb-out with a high wing micro!

    I am getting comfortable with this Ares Taylorcraft 130. It is an incredibly capable plane even in it's bone stock 3-channel form. I do have a clipped aileron wing for it, but it is not being used in this video. I have thrashed this plane every which way from Sunday and it keeps on going! The...
  12. B

    Micro quadcopter episode

    Would it be possible to have an episode on popular micro quadcopters? I know you just did the nano qx challenge, but If you did this could it be more like a competition, a "Mini Micro Nano Quadcopter Challenge" so to say, like the easiest to learn on, the the quickest, the most indestructible...
  13. A

    Fully autonomous flapping-wing micro air vehicle weighs about as much as 4 sheets of

    http://robohub.org/fully-autonomous-flapping-wing-micro-air-vehicle-weighs-about-as-much-as-4-sheets-of-a4-paper/ Thought you guys might find this video/article interesting.
  14. S

    Buddy Codes for Turnigy Integrated PCB Micro-Quad (KIT)

    Hi, This might help save on some parts for those who are planning to build the Turnigy Integrated PCB Micro-Quad (KIT) from HobbyKing. Find my codes here: http://hk.rc-international.info/swarm/sameerkm (valid until August 20, 2012) Turnigy nano-tech 850mah 2S 25~40C Lipo Pack Save US$...
  15. R

    Scratchbuild: Micro Drone V3

    Hello! Few moth ago, I build one of my first scratch build ones! The micro drone V3 from rctestflight. So the here are the specs: WingSpan: 27 inches Ailerons and elevator, no rudder (not really necessary) Blue Wonder 1500kv with 7x4 prop( warm) 20amp esc 2x6g servo for ailerons 1x9g servo...