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Micro Su-35/37 with thrust vectoring nozzles - a challenge for Flite Test

Hi Flite Test!!! I thought I will give you a hard project. You have already made F-22 from America, JA-37 from Europe, maybe it's time for something Russian? :) Your goal is to make an EDF Su-35/Su-37 (or a mix of them, like Su-35 with canards :D) from foam/depron with advanced 3D fuselage and 360 degree thrust vectoring nozzles.

Wingspan: up to 500mm
360 deegre thrust vectoring NOZZLES (not proppeler or moving turbines) like in normal sukhoi
Weight: up to 350g
Deatil level: like in normal version of Viggen (NOT 2 pieces of depron put together in a shape of cross), however nozzles have to be quite round (not Chad's flying box :D)
Engine: 2x 28-40mm turbines
Moving: both nozzles, both rudders, both elevators, ailerons (optionally canards)
Gear: detachable
Up to 6 channels
It should have vectoring like that one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUQHgcOMSMM

I know it is a bit hard to make so small and advanced plane, but c'mon guys, you are doing even more crazy things (flying cinder block, flying microwave, flying toaster, you've put a butane afterburner into an EDF jet :) If you will make it, please make also a Speedbuild kit for it, because I would want to buy it :) Maybe you will name it FT Sukhoi :)

(I wrote this article again because I posted it in bad section previously.)
I think that would be so awesome. I think that I will start designing my first ever plane. Maybe I will skip the thrust vectoring ton the first one. LOL