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Ft. Mini Guinea power pack and mods

Hello, I'm new to the forms but I've been watching and building Flite test planes for a long time. I looked around for a thread on this but I didn't find anything on it, so to the point. I just built a Flite test guinea pig, and now I'm planning on moving to the mini, but the only mini electronics I have for it are from power pack F and the recommended pack is A. If I bought another 2204 motor and 12 amp Esc could I use those in the mini? I also need help with taking up all my extra channels, I'm planning on the obvious like a bomb drop, some lights, a nose gear, and flaps if I can find out how to rig that up (any suggestions on the flaps?) but I don't know what else I should add to make the plane cooler. Thanks.
That motor and esc should work just fine.

Flaps can be done one of two ways, either program flapperons in, which I found were fairly un-needed, or cut some in close to the fusalage and add in another servo. There are a few how-tos around here for how to make a door servo. Make sure you document how you have it setup!
Thanks for the reply, one more thing though I can't seem to find a Xt-30 y connector. If there isn't a place to buy them then some advice on how to make one would be greatly appreciated.
One more question, Has anyone tried using two batteries instead of just one? I only have a dx5e so I'm not sure if I'd be able to program what voltage to switch batteries at but it just seems like it couldn't handle the weight.
I suspect you are going to have to make the connector. Shouldn't be too difficult. As for running two batteries, you just run it so each ESC gets a dedicated battery. Remember you only want one ESC feeding voltage to your reciever though. (Just pull the power line on the connector to the esc)
If I were to use two batteries would they have to be exactly the same? I have one battery that is a 3s 850 20c and one that is 800 mah 3a 50c, but it says max c rating and I really doubt it's that high